W.A. - Silencing The Critical Voice

Last Update: May 31, 2013
Let's face it, we are all in this WA community for a reason. Perhaps many different personal reasons but reasons nonetheless.

Yet as a newbie, I have experienced another benefit I hadn't expected. A benefit which serves us all I am sure. A silencing of that critical voice inside me which always yells and screams when I want to experiment, or try something different, or something riskier or just something that can make a positive difference. It gets loud enough that my logical thinking brain gives in by agreeing to the idea that giving up is safer and far more comfortable than pushing on.

You know that voice, those negative and debilitating beliefs that actually talk to us - the ones that creates a nervousness in the belly, starting softly at first and for some of us, often ending with loud screaming to your conscious mind thoughts like, "I don't have the skills to make money on the web!" Or, I don't have the time!" Or, "I am not that lucky, never have been and those are the only people who make money online - the lucky ones!"

It keeps happening to me but the WA community muffles those voices and that was something I wasn't expecting. Participating in the training, the chats, and all of the other features this community offers really has dampened the fears that often arise in me which keep me from pushing forward. Those voices that create procrastination due to doubt which is really how this emotional roller coaster works for me somehow feel softer, smoother and interfere with my dreams much less.

I found this place by doing some research on what turns out to be some evil, greedy, self proclaimed - "fast money makers and gurus who can have your new web site making millions in no time at all!" Glad Kyle/Carson were smart enough to tag these guys and provide links to WA in among all of the complaints these guys had floating around about them in web space. Good strategy.

Good thinking Kyle and Carson. When you guys created this service, I'll bet these voices inside you both were some of the reasons this affiliate community was created in the first place. Things are easier without all those negative voices convincing me to run and hide.

Well done indeed to all the thinkers behind the creation of this fabulous place.

The McKenzie

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Aviator Mike Premium
Ditto!....I can't imagine anywhere else I'd rather be now than right here. I was lost in the jungle of internet marketing scams and shiny objects myself. Lost and discouraged. Then I found WA. Wealthy Affiliate has given me a compass to help me navigate. I now feel great comfort in knowing that I'm finally on course to achieving great things.
wtbee2013 Premium
I would not be as far as I am now if it wasn't for this program. and my friends here.
I would have thrown in the towel because the voices here as you said: so perfect are encouragement
We all will push forward together, it makes more sense, It would be like pushing an real object the more the better and easier...
Thank you
Kymee ;O)
The McKenzie Premium
Thank you and I agree with you 1000%
Carson Premium
What a great post and before I respond I'd like to say that you have a wonderful online business career ahead of you if you continue to write like this! Engaging, interesting to read, great grammar... the list goes on.

In response to what you've written, I'm glad that you are really putting your membership to use and learning the intricacies that exist. First and foremost Kyle and I have been on a mission since 2005 to create a safe, friendly, and effective training platform where anyone can learn to build an online business. We focus on quality, acknowledge feedback from members, and do not stop evolving. This is how we have survived the test of time, and flourished when so many have fallen off the map. There is no secret, it's all about focusing on quality and building something that helps everyone who comes to our unique and powerful community :)

We've always battled the industry... with so many scams and rip offs and folks that truly do not have any experience with building real businesses... flogging their next SHINY OBJECT within the JV circle that so many people get caught up in. Or there are the MLM Pyramid scams out there that have zero product, zero credibility, and absolutely no idea how to help people. "Empowering" people to scam others...nowhere near a sound business model.

We're glad you found Wealthy Affiliate because no other program or service out there have a grasp of what you need to build a business online. Whether you are a local marketer, someone who wants to build an online income stream, or someone who wants help with their website, Wealthy Affiliate is for you! We know what you need, and we have spent the past 8 years developing the platform to deliver it.

We will always challenge and push you to see the potential that you have to be great in this business. There will always be help just around the corner where people are genuinely interested in lending a hand and helping out. Getting started and learning something new can be a scary thing, and we know this! It's our goal to put those fears aside and help you to conquer any road bump that pops up, and I'm glad that you feel the support of the community behind you to help with this.

Great post, and thanks for sharing!

The McKenzie Premium
Thanks kindly. Well done!
uakoko Premium
YOURS is a great post, too, Carson! And that is just why we have all found a happy home here. We all have come through the mud and now we are on a shining clean hilltop in the sunshine. We all are incredibly grateful to you and to Kyle for going forward to keep this site evolving. I think you are both EXCEEDINGLY special people. Because, let's face it, you both could have taken your money and gone off to live a magnificent Life Style. But you didn't! you hung in there, making life easier for the newbies coming behind you. Without you two, most of us would be back where we came from...in the mud, with no hope, chasing useless shining objects. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Carson Premium
You are more than welcome! Kyle and I do live magnificent life styles and a big part of our lives is Wealthy Affiliate and our mission to help people. We get a lot of enjoyment and fulfilment being able to teach people how to build businesses, and in-turn achieve their goals. There are a million Shiny Objects out there and they are honestly all a big waste of time. We're interested in working with folks like yourself, who are dedicated to building real businesses.

Thanks for the support, it means a lot :)
kaliinozarks Premium
Preaching to the choir. I love this place and feel safe trying something I don't really understand because I trust the information I'm given here.

It is good.

The McKenzie Premium
Agreed. Cheers and thanks for responding