Unanswered Questions Clutter Investigation and Request

Last Update: February 03, 2017

Hi all,

Yet again I am puzzled by a WA feature. This time it concerns the unanswered questions in the activity dashboard.

As you can see in the image below, I pulled up Everyone´s unanswered posts. So far, no problem.

But then come the older posts. Six months ago, nine months ago, and over a year ago. That´s quite long to have to wait for a response!

So I decide to be the first to reply and help someone out of their unanswered misery.

Kiliwia62 is the lucky one, because, firstly, she is on top of the unanswered image right underneath and even more so because I too want to be achieving success!

I click Kiliwia62´s link and WOW look at that!

No less than three hundred and twenty one, replies, comments and responses.

How is this possible? What´s been going on here?

Magnifying glass out and what have we here?

  • Oh wow, 121 likes!
  • Kiliwia62´s name is Sylvia.
  • Response 320 and 321 happened only two days ago.


And look at this too: good ole Mike was the first one to leave his comment SIX MONTHS AGO!

So, Sylvia´s post has been in the Unanswered Questions since August last year, which has so far resulted in 121 likes and 321 replies. Sylvia really did get lucky here!

If Boobish/Jean - next on the list, 9 months unanswered - had left her question ¨Is this a joke?¨ in, might she have gotten identical results as Sylvia did?

We´ll never know now, because when I clicked the link, this is what I got:

Update: Jean´s comment on her missing unanswered question

The plot thickens!

Continuing my investigation, I clicked on a couple more of the older Unanswered Questions, but these clicks took me right back where I started, which was at the beginning of the Unanswered Everyone list.

And no, reloading the page did not help either.


As some of you know, I don´t like clutter.

At all.

Clutter is both an energy drainer and a time waster.

I´m only happy to help others by attempting to answer their unanswered questions, and a clean list would make this process more joyful. So could you please reprogram things dear Kyle, Carson and/or tech staff so an up-to-date list pops up?

If you would also like a clean Unanswered Questions list, please make your statement in the comment section and click the like-button as well.


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WilliamBH Premium
I am with you Tessa! Cheers, William.
Tezsie Premium
Many thanks and a big Cheers to you, William!

Have a fun weekend too
MarkBa Premium
Great idea Tess. I am also clutter-phobic! :)
Tezsie Premium
Thanks much for your support in this important matter, Mark!

A funtabulous weekend to you
PMbaluka Premium
Hi Tessa, thanks alot for pointing out that. For the last few days I've been looking for these unanswered questions I couldn't get. I don't know what happened and it just disappeared from my memory. I'm so glad you reminded me now. It's one of my goals to dig deep in those unanswered questions daily and try to respond to one or two.

Best wishes

Tezsie Premium
Thank you much for stopping in, Paul. As Jessica mentioned in her comment, the unanswered questions you couldn´t get may be from members who didn´t continue their premium membership or have quit altogether.

I think your goal to answer one or two a day is quite admirable.
Swangirl Premium
Good points Tessa! I had to laugh at the thought of you frowning at the computer screen at the disorganization of the questions!!!

I have been annoyed that there are posts from members who are no longer active (I don't know if they are even considered members still?) for many, many months. The posts have not received any new comments so if the member is not active and others are not leaving new comments then why is the post showing up in the activity feed??? Some of these posts are a year old! They are really cluttering things up and new members may try to comment or contact these people not realizing they are long gone!

It is nice that WA makes it possible for people to leave and come back however. I really think that is unique and special. Most places would just delete your account if you stopped paying your premium. I don't know how to remedy this situation but I would think that a post that had no activity for months would fall to the bottom of the feed and not pop up near the tops over and over.
Tezsie Premium
Hi, Jessica, thank you very much for your detailed comment. I had not yet thought of the confusion the clutter might cause in new members. It would not make a good initial impression on them, I think.

Have a jolly good weekend!
GayleneNepia Premium
I noticed those posts as well and thought I'd do these lovely members a favor and reply to their "unanswered" posts only to find the same thing. I support the call to Kyle and Carson to remedy this. Thanks for raising the issue Tessa :-)
Tezsie Premium
Thanks much for your input on this matter, Gaylene and have a wonderful weekend!
GayleneNepia Premium
You too :-)