Calling It a Day - at WA

Last Update: November 09, 2016

My friends - here is my most fond farewell;

It feels like I just got to know everybody, but my year's WA Premium membership is up as of November 15th. There'll be no more "terrberr" - lol - but I remain, Terrance Grundy, your humble servant.

Well, all good things gotta come to an end ... Life has given me more urgent matters to take care of now.

I want to thank the estimable Kyle, Carson, and Jay, without whom I would never have learned SO MUCH - nor gained such a good degree of confidence.

Thank you to some dear friends (you know ho you are;), and everybody here at WA who've entertained and weathered my questions and quirks.

Thank you very specially also, to all the folks who've been selfless in providing such solid training for us all. In my whirlwind year spent at Wealthy Affiliate, and with ALL the amazing resources - (i.e. - my peers publishing awesome training daily!) -


YOU ARE ALL WONDERFUL, and we are a terrific network of caring souls who inspire confidence in one another;)

I made my way through Kyle's excellent training to become an affiliate marketer - but for me, something curious happened along the way.

My WA profile originally said,"songwriter", yet I morphed into,

"Your Choice Content Creator & Niceguy Narrator".

I'm barely on my feet;) ...

I can't mince words here ... I'm just beginning, and in desperate need of work. I've completed 5 jobs though, and have been fortunate to get a rave review from all 5 clients. I note that humbly ... geez, eh;)

Eventually, there did come awareness and discovery of certain skill sets, and new passions arose. I bet more than a few of you guys and gals have started to get a feel for a certain direction, started to steer instinctively towards a specific path...

If you haven't noticed yet - take stock - you will find your skill niche! Maybe two or three:)

Myself, I found out how much I love to help others, and my personal vehicle for that is writing (and talking). Things like creating content for peoples' blogs - or doing a voice over about their product or service in a video.

I LOVE to copy-edit and proofread for everybody, and especially for my ESL (English as second language) friends. This I blessedly found out, and it's all due to my time at WA.

I'm coming back shortly, and you may sense me here with you ... it just won't be a Premium presence;)

I reserve a gigantic brotherly bear hug for Chris Scott, our own unofficial WA maScott of munificence, and Colonel of constant inspiration! I don't know anybody who's met Teddy Bear - who doesn't love the stuffing out of him! So I realize I'll have to wait my turn at the hugging booth;)

Finally, if I've ever been helpful to anyone of you, it has been my profound pleasure!

Please reach out if you need to hire good talent to help your business with original web content or a friendly voice-over (Teddy Bear will kindly vouch for me on this:)

...or please just find me for continued friendship!:)

My Gmail address, for friends is:

(Terry Grundy at)

If you want to work together,

I'm "Terrance Grundy" on FaceBook, and LinkedIn, and you'll spot the same mugshot of me there - my BUSINESS face;)

LOVE to all, and much, much success!

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tyrellch Premium
Farewell. Wish you all the best in your new journey.
terrberr Premium
Thanks, and all the best to you, too.
MPollock Premium
Take care my friend.
DaleOdom Premium
Hate to see you leave but you have to follow your heart where ever it takes you.
terrberr Premium
Well, Dale .. .part of it is heart;)
Thanks for the kind word, my friend:)
Hofmeister Premium
Sorry to see you go Terry, good luck to you:)
terrberr Premium
Thanks a lot, Brad - you too, my friend:)
Toshmack Premium
You will be sadly missed, good luck my friend.
Cheers, Tosh ;-)
terrberr Premium
I appreciate it, Tosh.
You are one-of-a-kind KIND, and I wish you the best!:)
Toshmack Premium
Many thanks, my friend.
Cheers and all the best to you too, Tosh :)