Giving you a SEED. Do take care :o)

Last Update: Jan 7, 2019

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This may not be a great post relating to WA business but it is related to your success

Formula : With Health = Wealth.

Just want to cut the long story short. I know all of us are busy.

I've been here since 26 Nov 2018, about a month plus or coming to two. Over here, I've made a lot of new friends (not going to mention the long name list. Ha. You know who you are. Thank you, my friends! :o)

I can see that many of you have been very hardworking and I admire you a lot!

Apart from working hard towards our goals, please remember to take care of your Health!

Share with you a SEED

S: Sleep. To have sufficient quality sleep. At least 6 to 8 hours, uninterrupted. Knowing most of us stay up very late or work long hours.

E: Emotion. To remain happy and have a stable emotion.

Once we are happy, it will secrete the 'happy' hormones

[Vice versa, when we are angry/stress/sad/mood swing- A harmful hormone(Cortisol) will be released. This will make us aged faster, not only externally but internally on our organs. Health and beauty is coming from inside out]

E: Exercise. Moderate exercise. You do not need to train like mad but must exercise regularly. I jog a few times a week. If you are busy, you can pace at your house and please do not just simply sit there for the whole day! Move your butt!

D: Diet. Proper diet and nutrition. We tend to take in junk food(You know) and swallow during our meal. Please chew your food and take care. We are what we eat. I avoid meat, if possible. Pardon me.

This is not only for us to stay healthy but also slow down our aging.

That's all what I want to share!

If you forget, just remember the word SEED.

Sowing the SEED of Love from,

Terand :o)

P.S. By the way, this may be my another niche in future-Health. Let's see! Take care!

P.S. By the way, do check out Nathalie’s post too!

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Haha, yes seed is very important. We started roughly the same time, you are 2 weeks older in wa, am sure all is well with you in your business. as I have seen you active almost daily , u 2 must remember seed sometimes we give fatherly or motherly advice and forget ourselves lol

Haha. Yes, Ann! You are totally right! In fact, the seed(s) should be sowed to all mankind. Thank you for your compliment and advice too.
Still cooling down and exhausted after jogging- one of the seeds planted today. Ha :o)

We all tend to "burn the candle at both ends", and I am a victim of that, having suffered a mental and physical breakdown some 12 years ago.

I learned from that experience that we have to listen to our bodies and we should be ok.

I do sleep my 6-8 hours every night, that is not a problem.
I meditate regularly to keep a happy and healthy mindset.
I walk or jog at least 3-4 times a week.
However, when it comes to food, I will sometimes break the rules and indulge in some junk food... I should be more careful and I know better!

But hey 3 out of 4 is not bad, right?

Most of the time I will eat healthy, so I think I'm doing pretty good. I do love my meat though🙂

Thanks for sharing this inspiring post!

Omg. Denis. Do take extra care! Our body cannot talk, most people will just ignore the pain(body talking and yelling to us!)
Fortunately you realised and it’s a good thing, Denis!

Yes, 3 out of 4 is very good! You can score full points! Keep it up! :o)

Finally some vegans friends:)..chears:)

Ha. Cheers! I try to, whenever possible. Most of the time eating out, left with not much choices. Just cut down as much as possible. In fact, for the last decade, I noticed I aged slower compared to people of my age :o)

The USA spends more on healthcare than any country in the world...but is..1st in cancer..1st in obesity...33% of Americans are diabetic.

Yes, you are right. The figures in Asia is also getting higher. Mainly due to an unhealthy lifestyle. We need to exercise self-control :o)

I always say to people Health Provide Wealth.
Because if you in bad health it cost money and you don't function well so can't make money.
So stay in good health and it will provide you the wealth

Have a great day

Yes, well said, Tommy! Good health to you! :o)

Hi Terand, Thanks for the great advice, I don't like to admit it but I am the opposite to this, I must try harder!!

Lol, Jenny! Try it out! It will be good for you, especially it will help to slow down our aging and make you look beautiful and healthy, inside out :o)

I think it might be too late for that lol

No worries. Try your best! Let’s start from now! Every little effort counts! Do take care! :o)

Thanks for sharing, Terand.
When I entered the research and writing model, I forgot all other things. This is a very bad habit.

Thank you, Yu Hsien! Do take care and you can do it! Take a break when you are tired, it will affect our memory too. Do not over stress your body, they need to rest too :o)

Thank you. HEALTH Wealth and Happiness. Cheers AJ

Yes yes, AJ! Without health, we cannot enjoy our wealth :o)

I love this, Terand!! It resonates with the WA blog post I am going to publish in a few minutes... :-)

Lol, Nathalie! We have the same mindset/frequency. Ha. Awaiting your post but I am going for a jog later on-Healthy lifestyle :o)

Good for you, Terand! Enjoy your jog! Here is my post:

Thank you, Nathalie! I've read a moment ago! Awesome! :o)

Nice! Thank you!! :-)

Thank you too, Nathalie! 👍😉

Thank you Terrand, I joined in December but I feel as if you have such wisdom and knowledge of WA. Glad to be a friend and thank you for reminding me to care for myself. I am always last on my list.

Thank you for your compliment, SnazzyIT. You are very kind. No worries, it's the thoughts that count! Thank you and take care, SnazzyIT :o)

great thought

Thank you, Maggi! :o)

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