The WA Way - Progress Report

Last Update: Jan 20, 2016


Hi Everyone:

Starting with no knowledge of how online business and website building work to now having a working website with my mission statement and "static" front page announcing my presence on the Internet is a testament to the efficiency and brilliant creation of the WA way and all the people that make up the WA community. I'm just finishing up Level 2 of the WA education but am way ahead in my practical education through the wonderful help I've received from everybody in our community. The little things make up the whole, and if you don't grasp the detailed mechanics of how all this works you'll be handicapped in building out your business and presenting it in a way that captivates your audience. Those details that I learned from the people in our community have helped me so much in working with WordPress, FTP with FileZilla, image management, my rather complex theme, and many other necessary details for finding success in this business.

My vision is to help people understand and overcome the challenges of managing their own money and surviving financially in these uncertain markets. A lot of my time was spent finding the right Theme to use and then building it to mirror my vision so others would be able to grasp my message and incorporate it their own lives. The 30 second website turned into a 30 day odyssey with all the knowledge I had to gain just to make everything work. I'm using the Atahualpa theme because the structure fit my vision, but the learning curve building the website was rather steep. It paid off in the end, though, for the flexibility I have going forward.

I'm three months into growing my vision with WA and have a good base in my website ( and a treasure-trove of knowledge to build toward my next goal of establishing affiliates to help people meet their financial goals after they've learned the most reasonable recipe for success in managing their wealth by listening to The Diversified Trader.

How to present the Affiliated Partners now becomes the question at hand. I plan to have multiple partners to fulfill the needs of differing trading methods; so I want to present them for who they are -- the key ingredient in making somebody's trading or investing plan work. If you take a look at the website, I've highlighted "Affiliated Partners" to emphasize their importance in managing one's wealth. I understand Level 3 in the WA education looks at this process of establishing affiliates, and I hope will clear up my dilemma. If you have any thoughts along these lines, please let me know.

On to my next challenge -- Level 3. Thank you everybody for all the help and encouragement along the way. I wouldn't be at this stage and looking forward to the next without it.

To Your Success,


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Your website is so comprehensive and indicate a great deal of work, thought and effort has gone into its construction. I too believe education is the first step. How to keep motivated and taking the monetization of a website becomes important at some point in ones evolution.

To be a professional teacher in the 60's one had to value the experience of creating an environment where learners blossomed like flowers, more than the monthly pay check.

How to monetize with integrity while facilitating learning is still one of my challenges.

I like a recent millennial who I met at a Cryptocurrency Meet-Up. I offered to pay him for some of his time and he refused. He said keep coming to my sessions for at no cost and if at the end of year you have made some money give me what you think is fair.

Thanks, Roger, for the insights. I'm right at the point of monetizing my website with "Trading Partners" to help further my mission and help people realize their dreams of being financially independent. But, as you know, the education has to come first. To your point, there's so much misinformation and misleading advertising that presenting honest education for the benefit of others becomes a great challenge. I'm working on how to break through the cloud and get people to focus on what counts.

Interesting reaction from your millennial. I'll keep that in mind.

Keep stretching the envelop. Ted

Many thanks for the follow - I wish you every success here at WA.

Sounds like you are making good progress well done, it is quite the journey and always something to learn

Good journey Ted.

Hi, Ted and this is the way to go as you have everything set up for you. You have made your plan and now you will work your plan which is great to hear -

Thanks for the encouraging words. It's great to be at this stage. Ted

Thanks for sharing Ted, it is lovely to see how far you have come.

It is always great to share these things, especially to give inspiration and motivation to the newer members.

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