A Note To A Student About To Go Out Into The World

Last Update: March 15, 2018

I came across this letter and knowing the writer and the recipient I did have a giggle:-

It is a hand written note on a school letterhead - Headmaster to Student.

It is personal property but it has been filed away for about twenty years and I am the caretaker of the property so I feel at liberty to share this interesting note.

Dear ----

Herewith a short note to express my grateful appreciation to you for your supreme efforts this year.

You have arrived at the end of School unhurt. This is a pity as

"unhurt people are not much good in the world"

So my feelings are - go out into the world and from time to time - get hurt!

Yours sincerely

Scrawly signature

I have managed to trace where the quote originates from, thanks to Google and Wikipedia:-

Enid Mary Starkie CBE, 1897 -1970 was an Irish literary critic, known for her biographical works on French poets. She was a Fellow of Somerville College, Oxford, and Lecturer and then Reader in the University.

The journey of life has potholes which we have to deal with and it is how we climb out and manage the situations that determines the outcome.

Here is a quote from Jim Rohn:

You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.

Ride the waves and if dumped shake it off, keep focused, keep moving on!

Be encouraged to be the best you you can be - embrace your uniqueness.

And Please do let me know what you think of the quote made by Enid Starkie.

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Happy2Learn Premium
I like it. We all get hurt from time to time. Bruises are a part of life. The key is to get back up.stronger and all the better for trying.
TaniaHersel Premium
Fantastic attitude. Yes, you are right about the key.
StPaul Premium
Nice post Tania!
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you Paul. It is fun working with the new Wealthy Affiliate blog image feature.
StanleyLien Premium
Good word for everyone.
TaniaHersel Premium
It gives food for thought.
MKearns Premium
I have to remember a principal is a headmaster in the UK!
TaniaHersel Premium
Yes, I although I am in Africa and UK system has been used here.
codevonish Premium
Thanks for sharing, it reminds me what my wife's' father said to her when she was leaving home to go out into the world-"You can be careful, but you won't have much fun"
TaniaHersel Premium
Heehehe and then look what happened. Your lives must be bundles of fun!