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I came across this letter and knowing the writer and the recipient I did have a giggle:-It is a hand written note on a school letterhead - Headmaster to Student. It is personal property but it has been filed away for about twenty years and I am the caretaker of the property so I feel at liberty to share this interesting note.Dear ----Herewith a short note to express my grateful appreciation to you for your supreme efforts this year.You have arrived at the end of School unhurt. This is a pity as
March 09, 2018
I was so excited to read Carson's blog about the update with the Wealthy Affiliate blog platform and had to come up with a blog just so that I could use it.The technical world is foreign to me, it has got me wondering what it has taken to set up the incredible innovations that the Wealthy Affiliate team come up with. Hours of hard work, perseverance, ingenuity, stepping out the box!With the complexity of things my main aim is to keep things simple. This morning I wrote out 3 simple steps to suc
John Maxwell is a best-selling author, coach and speaker.He is renowned for his leadership coaching.The concept that I read from him is a wise leadership plan to consider and follow.Play To Your StrengthsTo achieve all round great success in our lives we need to focus on our strengths.John Maxwell uses King Solomon who died in 931 an example and he is known as one of the wisest kings.King Solomon was sought after, people wanted to learn from him, rub shoulders with him and gain influence
Life is a tapestry of happenings and being aware how events inter link adds perspective to what we experience.When tragedy strikes it hits us in the gut, in the heart and mind.I have been processing the tragic death of Roy and Heather Bennett, who were killed in a helicopter crash in New Mexico, far from everything they cherished.It is a consolation that they have left a fine example of how to live life and leave a legacy.When Life Throws A Curved BallThe sequence of events is another tapestry
My main aim is to keep things simple.My tactic for Facebook was to have pages for each of my websites off my personal profile Facebook site. It does not work!I am 'faced' with a social media dilemma - what was I thinking!My Next Approach- and before I launch off to do this I am hoping for wisdom and guidance from the Wealthy Affiliate community.My planned approach is to have a profile in the name of my website.But now I am thinking - do I set up one business profile and run the different websit
.I had a challenge with lining up images using Site Content.My last blog post to my website caused me a headache and time so I am sharing this, it might help you too.The blog was written in Site Content and the images downloaded from the free image icon.When the post was published on my website the images were not where I wanted them. I saved the images in a file and deleted them off the post and then added them back into media and onto the post. Yes, it did take time and did not resolve the i
Today I celebrate an enormous accolade, my heart is singing - I RECEIVED AN AMBASSADOR BADGE. To share this momentous occasion please indulge me by reading a few things I have recently learned.This requires that you be focused, consistent, persistent and keep your eyes on the goal.When The Coach Instructs I ActI have taken seriously the commitment made at the beginning of the year. It has meant putting aside other agenda's to focus on following the Coach to Make it Happen Not Let It Happen.When
My aim is to Keep things Simple, it makes sense to me to use all the tools that are provided on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Therefore, my first options are to select and learn how to choose and use the different tools that are available at Wealthy Affilaite.Follow One Course Until SuccessfulThis quote FOCUS is taken from Edmund Loh's book - Crushing It - the 12 rules of marketing success. It is available on Amazon. have adopted this phrase and now need to
I was reading a member of the community's bio and he mentioned that his children call him a 'prehistoric relic' because he came from the age before the technology revolution.Hailing from that era caused an explosion in my mind of memories and present day happenings about how prehistoric relics manage modern technology.Life Was Bliss Packed Off For Formal Education My life until about five years of age was spent in carefree abandonment, running around barefoot and fancy-free.This was all rudely
After contemplating about what I have learned since starting my online business I would like to share with you some of my ideas on running a successful business.Time is a valuable commodity and setting goals, having a schedule and working on issues that can save time are all worthwhile ventures. Having a solid structure can also save time and stress because if you have things in order it stream lines the operation of your business.Plan Do ReviewIt is imperative to set goals, targets, strategies