Week 3... Somewhat Unproductive

Last Update: Aug 19, 2014


I say 'somewhat unproductive' but I did work my way through to the end of Course 2, so feel like that is quite an achievement.

But the biggest thrill was logging on tonight and finding that I had a comment, I couldn't believe my eyes... chuffed as punch :)

My plan for the weekend was to work on the content of my site... it's now Saturday evening and I've not written a word.

Tomorrow's another day and I WILL write some content for my site.

Network: 868

Rank: 172... aiming for the Top 100

Recent Comments


Don't forget to take a break and keep having fun with your training

Thanks Bill, definitely having fun with this

great post!

Thanks Byron, have a great day

You've made a great start to get to 172 already. Persistence will get you where you want to go. Well done.

It's dropped down to 143 already... I must be spending too much time on hear lol

I hear you! And aren't those comments just the thing to knock your socks of? LOL Love 'em!

Made my day lol, especially as it was really nice and completely relevant to my site

Yes each day you do some thing will count on the ranking, not going to long you will be in the 100 soon.

Not too sure about that, there's a lot of very active people on here

Every day has enough on itself, live by the day, make a habit of doing at least one action on WA a day that 'll be great, if you are doing two things you are super, three fantastic, four fabulous!

That makes me feel better about myself as I've definitely spent a lot of time on here today. Thanks Eimhier

Write when you feel like writing. Forced content is blahh! Daniel

Good philosophy I must say

I totally agree though it was more a case of spending too much time on here (so many nice people!!) and other home and family commitments.

Smokin' content gets me high too!!

Best of luck Debbie! I've found that, no matter how hard I try, I can't force content, but when it does come, it flows quite well and puts me on a high.

Content is definitely something of a struggle for me but today has just been a busy day and I haven't had the chance to sit down and write. Tomorrow's another day

Good job keep plugging along!

Yes, I definitely need to force myself to put an hour aside tomorrow and get something written.

lol yep I say that each day!

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