Have Fun - That's an Order!

Last Update: November 30, 2017

Life is pretty strange sometimes, isn't it? Hills and valleys, stressing over things that, in the bigger picture, really don't matter much at all. There are times in life where I've allowed stress to get the better of me. But more often, I allow myself to have fun.

Earlier today a recent member asked about ranking here at WA and wondered when it would improve. Valid question and concern. But we shouldn't stress on ranking here. We should stress on helping each other and loving up on one another. So here goes, let's have some fun!

I started at WA the last week of September and went Premier on October 1st. At that time I was ranked 82,540 - and I distinctly remember thinking, "What the hell, are you kidding me?" lol But it's not what someone else quantifies me as that is important. What's important is how I walk out life on this big blue marble.

Recently I've made it in the top 100, which is kind of cool. All I try to do is help people and work on my business. So whatever the rank # is, I don't sweat. But in reaching the Top 100, and because my bride and I are Minions fans, I share this with you. Rosina bought me this crown and scepter and shirt. I'm just the clown wearing the outfit! haha All Hail King Bob, Top 100!

Now to more fun. My daughters know what a goofball I am. I remember taking some homeless people shopping one day and we picked out some backpacks. I saw one from the Dora the Explorer show, it was Go Diego Go. I bought it for myself and declared it my Beach Rescue Kit. Yes, the girls were mortified every time I took it to the beach, and were so pleased when I finally gave it to a "real kid."

A few years later we were searching out colleges for Marisa, and had this picture taken of me posing with Thomas Jefferson at William and Mary.

I've been a musician my entire life. It's a weird gift, one that has seen me through some really dark places. If I can hear it in my head, I can play it. I've played out in clubs and led worship in a number of churches. Thankful for a gift that is able to bless me and others, and have fun!

Ok, now for some more fun pics. You may notice that my hair color can differ in some of these pictures. Know why? Cause I used to dye my hair! Blahahaha Not out of vanity, but just because it's only hair, and who cares? But I stopped dying it about 5 years ago, so now what you see is what you get! :-)

Here's one of me and a friend playing at a deck bar in Virginia Beach. Totally crappy auburn hair and equally crappy board shorts! haha

Now this was a fun night. I was singing Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads when someone took this shot. I was on the Fa-Fa-Fa part! haha Terrible picture, but a lot of fun. And yes, I always play barefoot, it's easier to work my pedals. You'll see what I mean a little further down the post. Oh yeah, shorts hand-painted by Bob.

Now on to another hair color. My one and only attempt of going blond. Just wasn't feeling it, and after this I stopped dying my dome. This was taken at a house party in Northern Virginia. That's a Chet Atkins model Epiphone Guitar by Gibson.

Now that I'm a bit older and SO much more mature, I've bought some different gear. I always wanted a Paul Reed Smith Santana Model, so I bought a 30th Anniversary Edition a couple of years ago. Plays like butter and sounds like silk!

Yep, she's a beauty! So what is it that brings you joy? Is it just being silly, or a musician or artist, or cooking, or being out in nature? What is it that drives you, that sets you free? Whatever it is, pursue it. Grasp it and don't let go. Breathe it. All success you need will follow. Hope and prayers that anyone reading this will find love and peace in your life.

And in all things, have fun! That's an order! :-)

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subcpo14 Premium
Excellent points. Jay
Cindyda1 Premium
Love it!

Fun it is! Thanks!
Kickbacked Premium
Hi Bob

Nice post! The Minions are great!

verazhelvis Premium
Awww... loved every single bit of it. You don't even need to give me orders. I am always ready , and very often already there.:-)
Loved the variety of your hair dyers, too... Blond, maybe, the best.:)
MKearns Premium
Rhapsodic fun is the best Bob!