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February 06, 2018
It’s a word that we often hear, and just as often can quickly dismiss. It’s a word that, especially in today’s world, has lost its meaning. We can be quick to engage in moral relativism if it suits our needs. It is easy to discard what is right in favor of what we need. Better yet, what we think we need.Why am I writing this today? It’s for many reasons, but one of them is that today is my last day here at WA. And before I sign off, I want to share something that will ho
Backing up your work is a must, and it's something that can be done in a matter of minutes. And moving your site may become a necessity as you grow your business. Below are a few steps you can take to protect your business. If you're not willing to look out for yourself today, don't look to blame someone else tomorrow.First of all, I've stressed in other posts and comments how vitally important it is to use plugins that are updated regularly and tested with the current version of WordPress, whi
January 10, 2018
I shared with some friends recently the need for adequate rest and rejuvenation. I likened it to a pitcher full of water. We can use that pitcher to water the flowers, and watch the beautiful blooms of new life. But if we don't take the time to refill that pitcher, it is soon empty and of no value whatsoever to those flowers. An empty pitcher can only watch the blooms whither and die.So it is with ourselves. I love helping people, that is part of my nature. But I need to take some time now to f
You've no doubt heard here on WA about limiting your use of plugins. The standard reasoning is because using numerous plugins can reduce page load speeds. And that is correct. But that's not all of it.The larger problem with the plugins that are used is the code that is injected into your site - and WA - due to these plugins. Don't get me wrong - WA has some of the best security around. But using bad plugins, aka code, puts your site at risk. And I don't mean just risk of looking stupid, but ba
How hard have you worked on customizing your theme? It can be painstaking work, and waking up to find out that your hard work has disappeared can cause you to use words that you don't want your child to hear! lol You've probably heard about creating a Child Theme, but with all the other tech stuff you're trying to accomplish, this gets placed on the back burner. But don't get burned by not having a child theme! It's simple, takes a few minutes, and will save you hours. Yesterday I posted about
Hey Friends,Hope everyone is doing well in the Land of WA. The weather turned yucky out so no beach time for Bobby! Boooo!!! But such is life, and I shall be able to touch my toes in the sand again next week. :-)I have a couple of what I refer to as "sandbox sites" that I use to play around in. There were a few times in years past that I got burned trying to make updates to a site, just to find that they were epic fails and then I scrambled to restore my work.There are many here at WA that are
November 30, 2017
Life is pretty strange sometimes, isn't it? Hills and valleys, stressing over things that, in the bigger picture, really don't matter much at all. There are times in life where I've allowed stress to get the better of me. But more often, I allow myself to have fun. Earlier today a recent member asked about ranking here at WA and wondered when it would improve. Valid question and concern. But we shouldn't stress on ranking here. We should stress on helping each other and loving up on one another
Sort of like Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my…only better! Much, much better! It started by just being available at first, then getting to know people and learn about them, and then the tough part of putting myself last. Dying to self and finding balance. Gotta be honest – I'm still working on that! :-)When I lived in Virginia Beach, my friends and I engaged in a lot of homeless ministry. We knew where the tent cities were, and we joined together with a lot of others to help feed,
November 19, 2017
I joined WA during the last week of September and went Premium within a few days. It was apparent very early on that it was a good move, and I'm encouraged by the community support. In fact, there are a number of people here I've come to consider family, and for that I am blessed. I don't expect to make money immediately, and I will stay the course and persevere. I never quit, it's not in my DNA. During the course of my every day, both here at WA and in my family and friends, I often see people
November 02, 2017
We live in a culture that moves at a breakneck speed and can quickly leave us behind if we don’t keep pace. We often see that as people strive to get ahead, they will step over, around, and on top of one another in the name of competition and success. And in the process honor sometimes quickly evaporates.During the years that I maintained my insurance business, I taught all the agents I hired to not be salespersons, because they’re a dime a dozen and, quite frankly, we’re all