Crashed my site like a big dog. UH OH.

Last Update: Nov 4, 2015


So there I was... happily uploading ALLLL the pics into my Wordpress that I've been hoarding in the camera for over a week... in one shot. Maybe 50 pics? Maybe 70? Yeah I know.

I don't search for pics, I just take them. It gives me a better connection with what I've blogged to think all day about what to pounce on next for a pic.

And having chicken anecdotes handy doesn't hurt.


Everything froze.

I thought I lost internet, but funny thing... every other site would come up.

Of course I quickly checked it on the cell, and various pages.


My twisted brain immediately rifled through the "Kyle says" files, and I really don't remember anything about breaking your site with pics...

Then I had the presence of mind to send a plaintive wail out to SITE SUPPORT.

They even have a first choice on the menu of SITE DOWN. OK... I'm doin' the right thing. Now to wait and white knuckle it...


I just sat there hyperventilating and batting my stupid eyeballs in shock and relief... and resting. O.M.G. There is a God.

Actually I'm not sure if they even had time to work on it by the time it came up, but Site Support responded right away and I'll give them full credit, if for no other reason than that there is always SOMEONE to hear the plaintive wail of us tech-challenged blogger-wannabe's!

I've always white knuckled my work on the internet - between pushing send on an email prematurely, or ftp-ing something not coded right - or whatever. I am certain the computer is going to turn to dust on me, if not the entire internet.

I can't tell you how great it feels to have REAL "SITE SUPPORT".

This is a seriously stable internet home, up in here, people!



(Wait. Is that a chicken? On a dog? In the house? Well yes it is... that's a chicken that needs a DIAPER is what that is!)

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Hey Alexx,
You think you had problems! I just changed from a mechanical hard drive to a digital hard drive and forgot to back up my stiff. The guy that copied my contents over from the one terabyte mechanical hard drive, eliminated one seemingly empty partition and it turned out that it had all the important stuff on it. The closest backup I could find was from before I joined WA and that is all I got. Also all the emails for Outlook were old. Now I am starting all over again on them. And this is un-reparable for me because I don't have the money to get the emails recovered which are all still on the hard drive, as I know. The email recovery software I have only recovers the ones that are still in files and somewhere on the computer. I need to know the location for them to be recovered. Your website would not disappear because WordPress always does auto-save.

Well, I have Murphy's Law issues though, Mike! Sorry about your computer mess. -Alexx

Alexx, I think that we could go onto the official forum now and not the "private" one. If it weren't for Murphy I wouldn't have any laws or luck at all! Mike

Hahahaha. I love your post.
I am glad your panic is over and we can laugh now.
It is great to know that we wannabe bloggers do have so much support!

Oh... I was laughing at myself when I pictured my FACE when it went down! BOOM! JAW ON THE GROUND! -Alexx

I can only imagine! Hahaha :D

Glad they got it back up for you! That dog looks like it's scared of getting the bird flu or it's looking for Col. Sanders to cook up something good to eat! :-)

Reddington says, "Colonel WHO?" :) -Alexx

Good for you, got it back, and that chicken,lucky the dog isn't hungry.

Thanks George! Yeah, the dog doesn't know how to bite... She just bumps with a closed mouth. It's pretty funny! -Alexx

When my computer goes dead and nothing moves I unplug everything and turn laptop over removed the battery for a few seconds then put it back in then start it up and it is ok again.

HAHAHA I do that too!!!!!!!!

Yep! Been there done that! -Alexx

Luckily I haven't had the need to use support but it's good to know it's there and very pro active. Glad to hear you're up and running. ( bet the chicken's happy too!)

She and her cohorts couldn't care less. In fact I think I heard them laighing! -Alexx

You just can't trust some of them young chicks!

This platform is with out peer in the industry , so many good things . Having support on your own back yard things don't get any better than that.10

Very well put, Evan. -Alexx

Panic over Alexx. Has your heart rate and blood pressure stabilized yet? ;)) Excellent news Sir. I gave a whimper for help once myself and the support team responded within 5mins and had everything back to normal within 10. They are very responsive and a great safety net for us all!

I don't think I took a breath the whole time, Darwyn! -Alexx

I agree, we have a great support team here at WA. Glad you got your site back.

Thx sweetie. -Alexx

I can almost feel your panic, but luckily we have such a great support team! Have a good night sleep!

Haha! Thx... Was it obvious? LOL -Alexx

Yes quite, have been there too once:(

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