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Hey Guys.I've been using CrowdFireApp to manage my Twitter account on one of my sites that Twitter rocks for - the first time I've been a fan of it honestly.Anyway, as you add people to Twitter they tend to add you too, but there are limits to the number you can add.Supposedly (at the time of this writing... they change once in a while) after you get to 5k people YOU follow, you can then only add 10% above the number of people following you. So let's say YOU are following 5,000 people, and onl
Hey guys.Yes, I'm the danged canary. LOL. I've actually begun to laugh at this stuff now.OK so I got a notice from Amazon late January that one of my sites (inactive, under construction, no real content) didn't qualify and therefore my application was denied.I THOUGHT THEY MEANT FOR THAT WEBSITE. Did I care? No. So I went on with my business.----- NEVER, EVER TAKE A NOTICE FROM AMAZON LIGHTLY -----As I'm logging in today I get: THIS ACCOUNT IS NOT RECOGNIZED...."WHAAAAAAAT?" squawked the
A HEADS UP TO OTHERS WHO ARE AS CLUELESS AS MYSELFHere's a note I got from Kyle and Carson that surprised me into doing some stupid things.Hi Alexx, We hope that you are having a great day. We have noticed that your website is using a large amount of storage space and we wanted to reach out to see if there is anything we can do to help you maintain a less "bloated" website footprint. Ideally, your website should have media such as video, and large images hosted on specialized hosting services s
So there I was... happily uploading ALLLL the pics into my Wordpress that I've been hoarding in the camera for over a week... in one shot. Maybe 50 pics? Maybe 70? Yeah I know.I don't search for pics, I just take them. It gives me a better connection with what I've blogged to think all day about what to pounce on next for a pic.And having chicken anecdotes handy doesn't hurt.THEN... IT HAPPENED!Everything froze. I thought I lost internet, but funny thing... every other site would come up.O
I've been thinking about the issues people have mentioned on the commenting system for a while, and I just wanted to throw this out there for the people who are frustrated by it:1) I have never heard of any system having the Comment System, or many of the systems, we have here. I think we are unique and it is untested water and we should be thankful to be a part of it, and patient with it. It may take a little time to work through, but it will be worth it.2) When I joined here I thought I w
October 30, 2015
I could have also titled this, "MIRACLE ON SCENIC HIGHWAY".Last night I had a full-on miracle happen.Around 8 PM I was out grocery shopping and for some reason noticed I was REALLY, REALLY CALM. Like dead calm. The reason that's remarkable is that I really hate shopping and am always kind of antsy and in a hurry to get done. I also had just finished with "errand day", many of which are irritating, at best.So as I'm driving home this weird calm feeling stayed with me and I was driving REALLY
OK. I bit on the 90 DAY CHALLENGE because I found the following benefits:I love a way to keep myself honest. (I already blog daily on my website to ensure I grow my content.)I would love to see what other people do in a day, a month, 3 months. (I get new idea almost every time someone shares their system/work style and I read a TON of your blogs)I got a grip on the blog volume myself by resetting my email settings so I wasn't thinking more sensitively about those who haven't. I only have 1
I really pounded out the work yesterday (I do this blog the morning after). Had the nose to the grindstone from 530 AM lol. Not that much of a social butterfly yesterday!1. WA STUFFWRITE A BLOG: Done!FOLLOW 10 NEW PEOPLE: Done, I do more like 50 at a timeLEAVE AT LEAST 3 COMMENTS FOR PEOPLE: Done, more like 10 is my usualLEAVE COMMENTS ON 90 DAY CHALLENGE BLOGS: Done, starting to be too many to list LOL2. WEBSITE STUFFEDITED 6 BLOGS, WROTE 1INSTAGRAM: Left comments on about 20 similar
Up at 5:30 feelin' great... looking for the sun to come up HOURS from now LOL. Got a lot done yesterday. Got a little caught up reading a Neil Patel blog on Social Media in the afternoon. 1 - BLOG: - 3 COMMENTS: DONE3 - FOLLOW 10 PEOPLE: DONE4 - WEBSITE: Edited content from 10/15, 10/16, and a page5 - 90 DAY CHALLENGE COMMENTS: DONE Ellied63, Katie, etc7 - FACEBOOK:Read a Neil Patel blog on SM8 - INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST: Insta post DONE9
You've set up your website with Google right?OK 1) Go to Google2) Type in your DOMAIN NAME3) Hit SEARCH.Let me guess... you came up number 1? Or REAL CLOSE to it?(If you didn't, your Google Webmaster Tools set up may not be dialed in just right yet...)THAT'S AWESOME!That's how cool it looks when you start ranking!That's how it looks when somebody already knows your website name and looks for you...BUT HOW ARE THEY GOING TO KNOW IT'S NAME ALREADY TO TYPE IT IN? They won't.HOW DOES THIS TURN