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Hey everybody!

Welcome to WA and thanks for checking out my profile.

Update I've been here at WA a while - LOVE IT! - THERE'S NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT ON THE NET! - but have only been applying myself to ranking recently and am having great success getting posts to come up on Google page one, from positions 2-10 on almost every post I do. If it takes more than 5 hours or so to rank I did something very wrong.

However I'm still working on why I'm not seeing the click through rate I should!

Honestly, this stuff is much trickier than one would think, people.

Just by way of a tip to keep you from wasting PRECIOUS time:

I sprung for the Jaaxy subscription a while back because I'm always wanting to analyze things until I understand them, then I think I can control them better. It's just my style and it's the way I've had success in my other careers. Without Jaaxy there is no way I would be ranking because I didn't really understand how to strategize for the LEAST COMPETITIVE but MOST TRAFFICKED keywords.

So I finally drilled down on a new time management rule for myself after messing around with a few sites that were mostly just for personal interest/fun etc.

When I want my posts to start making money:
1. I don't bother with ANY KEYWORDS that have over 20 sites competing, and nothing with under 2000 clicks a month. PERIOD.
2. I've been writing long articles - 5-8k words or so - as anchors, along with short, sweet ones, and all with references that aren't fluffy.
3. I've been posting both questions and answers on Quora and Reddit for my keywords. (Man these things rank quick!)

The challenge is still MAKING IT PAY. I've got Amazon ads for simplicity for now. I care less about my rate of return than I do about ease of getting a post out, so no matter what my post is about I just slap in an Amazon ad for an associated product. I have gotten SOME sales but nowhere near what the Jaaxy tool says I should be getting in terms of clicks. I'm puzzled.

I just want to encourage newbies not to mess around too long with long-shot keywords and projects. Even if you have EVERYTHING coming up roses, seemingly, it will take time to make money.


My history: I spent most of my career working as a marketing hub for lawyers on a self-designed, unique platform for a product I created. My educational background is in art and science... yeah I know. Let's just call me diverse.

My other online marketing experience was a side project which was a pretty wild success for an awards show where I sort of instinctively created an international interest and brought 5 revenue streams to profit (for the first time in it's history) and loved it. I obscured the bad online press within just 3 months and turned into a total fiend with my cool little system. It looked like a no-brainer to me, and I saw all the dovetailing aspects working together at a glance before I built it, but for some reason no one had done it. During this time I caught the attention of Chet Holmes and was fortunate to work hand in hand with him over the course of about 3 months on a new marketing strategy and buy out offer. That experience was mad fun and validating!

Now I've hung up the partner hat and am keeping my benefits in my household. ;)

For me it was a blinding flash of the obvious once I decided to go this route, which is how all my other successes have started. My biggest challenge is not content, ideas or creativity, but learning the confounded web-building systems! (AND GETTING SLEEP lol!) I have always had a webmaster staying up all night building things for me, only to have to tell him to tear it down and start over when I added a few simple things. This was just maddening to me! I kept saying, "Why don't you build in flexibility??! OK well then go ahead and stay up all night all week again! You're the expert." Hmmm... and NOW IT'S ON ME and I'm the one staying up all night learning, or worrying about learning LOL. There IS a price to be paid for autonomy and control, of course, and it's hilarious to be poking around at what most people here probably see as rudimentary things! But once I finally get it... WATCH OUT! HAHAHA!

When I first decided to build sites I just relaxed and speed-read everything I could get my hands on. I started to write some drafts and build out out a framework on a spreadsheet of how I saw my sites dovetailing with each other. THEN I looked to make a DECISION on training and literally gritted my teeth through a couple of other systems' nonsense, taking only VERY TINY bits of information.

I have always prided myself on being a pro in any industry I touched. I have to say I was just repulsed by the bait and switch hype and low-level of professionalism I saw ALL OVER the net. It's kind of a joke, actually. It seemed like everybody wanted to spend 15 seconds helping, then they tried to sell you something else before even giving you enough information to buy. WHAT A CROCK! That is the definition of unprofessional sales, and something I just wanted nothing to do with.

When this outfit says FREE, they really mean it. Providing what they offer as FREE, while simply making an upgrade available, gave me time to actually check it out BEFORE I bought, what a concept!

As a business person, it's really impressive to me that a system of this size has been adequately set up to the extent that it runs itself for the most part, allowing the masterminds to still stay "belly to belly" with members on a personal level. And teaching people how to use the knowledge they gain here while boomeranging the benefit back to the system itself is the height of brilliance, and a total WIN-WIN.

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chuka Premium
Thank you Alex for the follow. Sorry to hear about your recent loss. I wish you all the best in everything you do
SupportWorx Premium
Thanks so much, Chuka! -Alexx
chartdude Premium
Hey Alexx

" It seemed like everybody wanted to spend 15 seconds helping, then they tried to sell you something else before even giving you enough information to buy. WHAT A CROCK! That is the definition of unprofessional sales, and something I just wanted nothing to do with."

So true my friend, I see this kind of activity too often and yes it is a joke. The contrast is finding a community such as this where people actually help without trying to take advantage of you. Glad to have you along here at WA. Sounds like you have had some good successes and you have some interesting background.

Indeed this platform at WA is a WIN-WIN and such a great resource for all of us.

I know what you mean about the web building systems...I am getting better at it, but I often feel quite inadequate but growing daily as best I can.

All the very best to you, I hope matters have calmed down for you also. Sorry to hear of your mother in laws death. Take good care Alexx
SupportWorx Premium
Jim, one of the things I had to decide on early on was to pick a SIMPLE theme (I didn't at first) and use that theme for EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE I DO so I don't have another learning curve I can avoid... that has been very helpful.

Thanks so much for the long note. Sorry for the delay answering. How is it going for you now? -Alexx
dejeanaxel Premium
Thanks for the follow which is now returned. If you need assistance be sure to count on me for support, I hope I’ll be able to provide it.

Add me on G+: (https://plus.google.com/103384004742167574513)

See you around, all the best.
SupportWorx Premium
Ok Axel I will... love the name, by the way. -Alexx
jocose Premium
Hi Alexx,
Thank you for adding me. wishing you all the best.
SupportWorx Premium
You're most welcome, Jo! -Alexx
felixwebman Premium
Hi Alexx, I wanted to take my time and comeback to reread your bio. Very cool, I think we share a relative focus. I'm studying and learning now here at WA, still less than a week in for me. Happy things and happy Sunday!
SupportWorx Premium
Great Felix... how are things going for you? -Alexx