Sky Rocket Your Google Followers - Join the Unofficial WA Circle Circle!

Last Update: Oct 13, 2015


No you're not seeing double....this is a 'circle circle' (◠﹏◠✿)

This is so simple...all we need to do is follow these instructions and we can all help each other GROW GROW GROW our Google+ circles!

1) visit this link on Google+

2) LIKE the Unofficial WA Circle Circle Post

3) Place a comment on that post with a sentence or two about the niche you're in and even add a link to your website in the comment.

4) Add all people who have commented (and will comment) on that post to your circles

5) Add EVERYONE back who adds you

6) Help the circle circle grow bigger...tell at least 3 other people about it!

If this little marketing tool works to it's fullest potential, then we should be able to continue reaping it's benefits for a very very long time...we just need to participate.

It would also be helpful if you bookmark this blog post and keep active in the will keep this tool working for all of us if we keep it high on the Activity Dashboard here at WA!

It's up to you now! I hope to see you there soon (◑‿◐)


Circle Circle Update #1


We now have 130 people in the circle!

if you want this to grow and if you want this to be a never ending harvest of followers...we MUST all keep it alive or it will die.

Keep commenting on this blog post and tell others about it ^^

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Hi Stevie, You bet I am following you. I have a question, what is the benefit to Google+ ?

Hi George (◑‿◐) there are many benefits...being a Google product is the biggest (◑‿◐) your content on a Google product has just got to be good for you rankings...right?? not to mention it's a growing social networking platform that's just going to keep getting better and's not the be-all-and-end-all but it should be in every internet marketers tool box (◑‿◐)

See you there. (^_^)

see you there (◑‿◐)

Hi Stevie, again a very nice idea. thanks.

thanks so much and you're very welcome (◑‿◐)

Hi Stevie. Great initiative. Signed up!

awesome (◑‿◐) thanks Ken...appreciate your support (◑‿◐)

Well done and thanks for sharing

you're very welcome and thank you (◑‿◐)

Circle growing engagement posts yes.... I like that... who can provide white hoody shirts with a symbol printed on the front that states circle

Many of you here know me and know that I am in the line of support and serving others to reach and be more in life.
I am also a visionary and online entrepreneur which happens to be a developer that is into web applications and currently I am forming the next groundbreaking program to support anyone in life to reach more and have more success.

It is taking more and more forms and is still in development so drop by my profile here and find the abundance project.

thanks for sharing that Stefan (◑‿◐)

Awesome Ideas, need awesome reach and together we can achieve anything. Thank you for your engagement

I agree Sir Stefan-a-lot hehe (◑‿◐)

I liked your post:) and I always follow people back when they follow me, here on WA, on twitter, on G+ and FB

thanks kindly Loes (◑‿◐)

I have done. Best luck.

good stuff :) thanks so much :)

Oh hope it was ok but I did share with my own circles is that ok

it was once of those things I did , then though why did you do it :( :( sent you a humble apology on PM

the idea is keeping everyone commenting on the same post...when you share it, the reach becomes limited...but it will still help your could just cut you off from the rest of us

hehe it's OK harm done :)

went and removed it and will start over lol

thanks so much Katie (◑‿◐)

Page cant be found message when i click on link

sorry...had to re-post it....refresh this page and click the link again...I have just updated it...sorry about that

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