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Last Update: Oct 6, 2015


One of things I LOVE LOVE LOVE about WA is our ability to Network not only here on WA but also on other social networking sites.

Sometimes getting exposure for your Facebook page can be a task and a half!

The technique that I'm about to share with you is very much in the spirit of WA and joins our pages on Facebook together in a way that will give us ALL a boost!

Firstly...change from using Facebook as YOU and swap to using Facebook as your do this by clicking on the downward pointing arrow at the top right of Facebook...then you simply choose your page.

or go here and click the login button to your page.

Next navigate to a Facebook page...start with mine

Now simply click the page like button at the top!

Once you have done that, you will see a new Facebook widget appear on your page on the bottom left hand side called "Liked by page"

Once you have liked my page using your page...I will also like yours and your page will appear on my page in the same way.

as your page likes more pages, the liked by this page box will show all pages in rotation, giving us ALL extra exposure for FREE!

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and I would be happy to help you! (◑‿◐)

Recent Comments


Great technique Stevie, will do this later today, thanks

awesome...let me know when you do so I don't miss liking your page (◑‿◐)

Will do, thanks

Liked your page from my pages ( and

thanks so much (◑‿◐) I've liked your page as well (◑‿◐)

Thanks Stevie,
I just gave you a big fat like. My Facebook page is called 'Healthy African Flavours'

I got ya and liked ya hehe thanks (◑‿◐)

Great training, Stevie! Thanks. I'll try this one.

glad that you found it helpful (◑‿◐)

What a wonderful idea! Does that cut you off from the people you are communicating with in fb? Thanks for responding when you can!

yes...but you can solve that by opening a new browser window or you can easily switch between your page and your personal account

Thank you! I will do that tomorrow! I just finished posting so I'm tired and going to bed.
Thank you and God bless,
Edward Mijarez

nawww night night (◑‿◐)

Thanks for sharing this one steviedean, very useful info. I'll make sure to try this one once I create my facebook page :)

wonderful...don't forget to Bookmark this page (◑‿◐)

Will do, thanks ;)

great stuff keep it coming

happy to hehe (◑‿◐)

Hey Stevie,

Thank you so much for this blog post. I had no idea how could I like a Facebook page by using my page instead of my personal profile.


you're very welcome Cristina (◑‿◐) I've liked your page will also notice there are many other benefits of staying logged in as your page...a whole new world of FB opens up for you (◑‿◐)

I have change the position of my "liked by this page" box and moved it higher...and look...there's your page hehe

all the best to you also Cristina (◑‿◐)

Oh, this is amazing. Thank you so much! From now on I will stay more time logged into my page. As you said, there are more benefits.

Wish you all the best,

Way to go Stevie straight forward great advice . Will action this one . Thanks for sharing .

you're welcome Alexander (◑‿◐) I look forward to seeing your FB page (◑‿◐)

Stevie that's really cool.

glad you like it sir :)

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