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So I was out and about reading some WA blogs yesterday and I saw a post that at first glance would dishearten any WA peep that happened across it...Two years, this member said...Two years and no money!Well...if that does not stop you dead in your tracks, nothing will...two loooong years and no money! come on! there must be a reason behind this! surely! And of course, there was...20 pages of content tells me all I need to know.I sell second hand goods on auction sites and I know that if you want
For's like, I've been here all of what, 5 minutes?? Feels like five minutes in some ways and like a life time in others...Man! that's sounding close to love! scary thought...right?? I think I love you! don't screw this up now by returning my declaration of love with a thank need to say you love me back! hahaBTW does my bum look big in these pants?? hahaha kiddingWhat I really really want to say is a HUGE THANK YOU to all the AWESOME WA PEEPS!This experience at WA has been LI
I fall to my knees and HOWL and CRY like a baby!OK....confession time! (╥_╥)A few days ago I blogged about a G+ circle circle and followed up with a Facebook really took off, however, that post was in violation of the WA conditions and it was classified as spam, removed and I was given a wee verbal telling off! it was never my intention to spam people here...that's just not my was my intention to help myself and others grow their social networks.For no
There is nothing like gathering around a camp fire to warm not only our bodies but also our souls!We may not be able to gather in the flesh...but we can and do gather here! This is not a blog post! it's a call to OUR tribe to gather with US around this camp fire and tell stories and sing songs of our victories and triumphs! Please share one story with us in the comments below so we can listen quietly whilst toasting marshmallows and sipping coffee from tin cups. ◕ ‿ ◕COME GATH
You don't want to miss out on the circle's actually working! Ponder this, if you would you like to just sit back, relax or meditate, while I work hard to promote you, at the same time you can be watching your followers on Google+ grow and grow and grow...and just keep growing? (。♥‿♥。)The fact that I am posting this blog is PROOF that I'm already marketing all current participants...if you're not in the circle circle then this blog post i
No you're not seeing double....this is a 'circle circle' (◠﹏◠✿)This is so simple...all we need to do is follow these instructions and we can all help each other GROW GROW GROW our Google+ circles! 1) visit this link on Google+ LIKE the Unofficial WA Circle Circle Post3) Place a comment on that post with a sentence or two about the niche you're in and even add a link to your website in the comment.4) Add all peopl
This is a wee follow up to my last blog post Market Your Facebook Page for FREE!There is a lot of talk out there in WA land about the importance or lack thereof that Facebook holds for our online's not the be-all-and-end-all of internet marketing, nor is Google, nor is Twitter...if we rely wholly and solely on any one marketing tool at the exclusion of others, then we are reducing our reach...why would we do that? With this in mind, I'm going to assume that you're ready to tak
One of things I LOVE LOVE LOVE about WA is our ability to Network not only here on WA but also on other social networking sites.Sometimes getting exposure for your Facebook page can be a task and a half!The technique that I'm about to share with you is very much in the spirit of WA and joins our pages on Facebook together in a way that will give us ALL a boost! Firstly...change from using Facebook as YOU and swap to using Facebook as your do this by clicking on the downward pointing
If you've never seen Tabatha's show "Tabatha's Salon Takeover" then you're missing out on some MAJOR BUSINESS LESSONS!Tabatha is quick to praise when things look right, work right, flow right and are managed right!Having said that...This woman holds no punches...She would be the first in line to slap some sense into you if your tunnel-visioned approach to running your business was causing your business to under-perform or! If you're in business with your eyes glued shut, you're in
I'm 100% convinced that only 5% of the people that I come across are follow through peeps! BUT WAIT!!! On WA...I KNOW this stat will be VERY different!!!I'm 100% SURE that at least 75% of the people that I come across are follow through peeps!For me this means that I am surrounded by the best of the best, the bees knees and the cats whiskers! For the 75% of you who work hard, are 100% committed and are in every way follow through peeps...I give you...Keep following through! No Compromises! No