I'm sooooooooo sorry.soooooooooo very very sorry

Last Update: Oct 15, 2015


I fall to my knees and HOWL and CRY like a baby!

OK....confession time! (╥_╥)

A few days ago I blogged about a G+ circle circle and followed up with a Facebook version...

Well...it really took off, however, that post was in violation of the WA conditions and it was classified as spam, removed and I was given a wee verbal telling off!

it was never my intention to spam people here...that's just not my style...it was my intention to help myself and others grow their social networks.

For not being more mindful of the WA culture and terms of service...I am very sorry!

I do VERY much adore the people here and my desire is ALWAYS to help...never to do harm.

I will not promote this system on WA any more...for those already in the circle circle, I will honor my promise to market you all, but only on G+....The Facebook page has been deleted as a show of good faith with WA.

Again...my humble and sincere apologies.

Now...if you're having a hard time forgiving me...look at the baby!! LOOK AT THE BABY!!!!

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Take it on the chin, onward and upward.

here here ◑‿◐

Hey Stevie I know you had the best of intentions and we'll just pick up the pieces and go from here. What the heck if they can't take a joke.

LOL we all try to break new ground and sometimes the ground don't wana be broke. Hey apologies accepted and I appreciate you doing
for us all.


thanks so much Marty ◑‿◐ I appreciate your comments very much ◑‿◐



We've all made mistakes and were not perfect, I also try hard here so when I was politely told off once, it hurt. We live and learn and aim to rise higher :)

it is indeed an ouch hehe thanks so much for your comment ◑‿◐

The WA seems to have real policemen. It does get scary. I take that if you put out your content that way you were not aware that it should not be done. We all make mistakes. It's part of life. I hope you forget about it and move one.

I had no idea I was violating the rules...thanks for the comment ◑‿◐

Sh$$ happens - sounds like there was no malice or intent, just an honest mistake. Been there done that. Apology accepted - Already forgotten live and learn and move on.

haha I like the way your mind works ◑‿◐

We can all see your intentions are good. Don't beat yourself up mate. Keep on truckin!

thanks mate! appreciate it! ◑‿◐

we accept your confession :-)

I appreciate it sir ◑‿◐

Yikes I have not gotten that far. I am not yet aware of these rules and practices. Thanks. Will keep an eye out.

well...the rule is...you can't promote any site that allows you to communicate with WA members off the WA site...so posts about Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc should not be on your blogs at all.

So my recent blog about doing on WA what I was already doing on facebook would not be allowed?

:) I saw your post was removed:) I was wondering why, never mind, they are very secure about this here on WA, apology accepted, new day new chances!

thanks so much Loes ◑‿◐

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