Have a Re-think! Change your perspective! and Succeed!

Last Update: Oct 23, 2015


So I was out and about reading some WA blogs yesterday and I saw a post that at first glance would dishearten any WA peep that happened across it...

Two years, this member said...Two years and no money!

Well...if that does not stop you dead in your tracks, nothing will...two loooong years and no money!

come on! there must be a reason behind this! surely!

And of course, there was...20 pages of content tells me all I need to know.

I sell second hand goods on auction sites and I know that if you want to make money in online trading you MUST have many many many items up for sale...the more items, the more chance of a sale...right??!!


Sure...if I have ten items up listed every week, I might get one sale or maybe even two but I'm not going to be making anywhere near enough to call it a worthwhile money making activity.

This is a no-brainer and every smart and wise person at WA who's following the training will know...it's CONTENT, CONTENT & MORE CONTENT!

Have a re-think...think about a shop, think how many products and ranges of products successful stores have in stock.

Now contemplate...every page and every section of your site is a product or a range of products.

Now CLICK! More pages = more products = more sales

I rest my case!

Recent Comments


Yep you are so right. To bad this poor fellow doesn't get it.

he can still click and get it if he chooses (◑‿◐)

Good post; good basic info! Makes sense to me!

good old KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid (◑‿◐)

mAgreed Stevie. You could probably get away with one outstanding Squeeze Page or Landing Page if you were only working with PPC advertising, but not f you're trying to sell with just organic traffic.
Although I must admit there were only two Lamborghini's in the showroom when I went to get one!!!!!!! Have a nice day.

ah yes...the high end product that turns my theory on it's head haha we sir, are the people that walk the roads picking up little nuggets of gold that rich men have dropped...one nugget is never enough to live on lol (◑‿◐)

hehehe too rich for my blood lol

Glad you didn't buy both; I want the other one!

Gotta dream, then follow the dream! I just bought a new Mustang; works for now and much more in budget range...

I'm a very skilled dreamer haha happy to follow your lead on that (◑‿◐)

Your turn will come my friend, Just be patient and keep writing pages and pages and pages of scintillating content!

hahaha scintillating he says hahaha do you know what my niche is...there is nothing scintillating about it...or am I thinking of titillating? hmmmm (◑‿◐)

Titillating sounds good Stevie. Then just write pages and pages and pages of titillating content, there's one Lambo left!.

Yep, you wouldn't walk into a TV shop and find just one TV for sale.

not if that TV shop wants to stay in business haha (◑‿◐)

Very insightful post! Thanks for sharing.

you're very welcome (◑‿◐)

Definitely make sense to me Stevie! Content, Content is what we learn here and it is good advice.

thanks so much and you're very welcome (◑‿◐)

That makes perfect sense. Good post.

thanks (◑‿◐)

more, more, more=win, win, win?! right?!

yes, yes, yes! (◑‿◐)

Right:)! I saw people quit complaining, with 5 pages and 3 posts

lol I agree (◑‿◐) it may be self-employment but it's still work (◑‿◐)

Great post!

thanks (◑‿◐)

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