How to become your inner entrepreneur


The first question to ask is:

What makes an entrepreneur?

Inside all of us is the desire to be independent we are all capable of entrepreneurship.

It's so natural to desire independence. To be self-sufficient and not have to rely on others.

It's natural to be determined to succeed, to be goal oriented and desire a better future for yourself and your family.

So what makes some of us successful entrepreneurs and others opt to stay in the daily work routine. and be happy to work for someone else.

Are they really happy doing this or just happy with stability?

Your personal view of your life and business is largely based on your upbringing. Your family has so much influence on you. You grow up with their beliefs and morals. See their daily routine, work and lifestyle choices. As you grow older you may question their ideas but some people follow the same pathways. I remember my father saying work in a Bank it is a secure career!. I did this for a few years, but it turned out not to be emotionally rewarding. It was not a vocation, just a daily job that did pay the bills. Then I moved to teaching this was far more rewarding and finally |I broke free. I decided my skills and knowledge could be better used elsewhere. My decision was largely influenced by the changes in the education system that I did not agree with.

I grew up with a father who was an employee, the idea of entrepreneurship was the last thing to be considered. He thought I should go into banking or insurance for a great career path. He motivated and pushed me to get a good education, take exam after exam, and go to university. A good education was what was needed to be successful. However looking at people like Richard Branson is a good education really necessary to be successful? or are there other skills needed that are not taught at school.

So I got a great education.

I got a university degree and I became someone respected in society, a banker and then a teacher. However inside I still wanted a better lifestyle for my family and to be independant.

Some people are raised in a family where they have entrepreneurial parents and this breeds the same spirit of independence in them. An entrepreneurial industrious spirit. To have goals and be in control of their own destiny. Not reliant on others for their future.

When you start on the route to becoming an entrepreneur you will be, scared, nervous, not knowing what you are doing. Sometimes you will even ask yourself, Why am I even doing this? However with perseverance, hard work, and determination you will succeed. The only real difference between those who take the entrepreneurial route and those that stay in the daily safe routine is courage. With courage, you can achieve your goals.

Of course, there will be dark days, but there will be good days. Starting out takes hard work, determination, and the will to succeed. If at first you do not succeed then try, try again. It will be slow at first, but it will work out. All you need is the will to succeed. You will be determined to learn and people will offer support along the way. You need to know who to trust and who not to. The good days are really worth aiming for. Eventually, there will be far more good days than bad days, and even no bad days.

So if you have the determination and the desire you will succeed.

One great way to become an entrepreneur is to take advantage of Internet Marketing. You can build an online business selling your own services. Products or even other people products. There are so many ways. So go ahead if you believe in your own abilities and desire independence then my advice is break free.

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This is a great blog, Steve! Thank you for some deep thoughts to take me through my day today!♥

This is great to be reminded of.
Very similar to my story and I feel much like you describe.


Glad you enjoyed it

Hi Steve really enjoyed reading your post , you have mapped it out very well . The internet marketing business model is definitely a very good path to follow . The terrific thing with being here at wealthy affiliate is that we get to implement our newly learned knowledge as we go . Really looking forward to breaking free and developing a different life style .

Stay focused and you will break free

Hi Steve thank you for the encouraging words and you are so right. I admire you so much for making that break in your life and doing what you are so good at. You have a very special talent in encouraging others to do much of what you did. I am sure It wasn't easy but nothing worth while every is. Like you have said and have experienced the rewards are forever life rewarding.
Linda :))

It is hard to brak free however once you move forward then your destiny is in your own hands

A very encouraging post. I so want to be my own person, to succeed and not be at someone else's beck and call. Thanks to WA I have the training and ways and means to get there, just haven't quite made it yet. Hope it will happen soon. Thank you. :)

I wish you every success just stay focused

I read somewhere that the definition of an entrepreneur is someone who is prepared to push him/herself when least feeling like it to do what others won't. But that wasn't the whole quote, I must go and look for it, it was really good! But you are right, it takes courage as well as determination and lots of staying power!
Here is another quote that I found encouraging and it applies to all of us:
"Don't try to overhaul your life overnight. Instead, focus on making one small change at a time.
Over time, those small changes will add up to big transformation!
Don't Give Up!"

and another one from Zig Ziglar:

"When obstacles arise you change your DIRECTION to reach your goal, you do not change your DECISION to get there."

We just have to keep on going! And what a blessing to be able to be doing that at WA! I LOVE this community!

I agree do not deviate from your path

Very nice blog showing that we all have the same questions,doubts,and aspirations - to succeed " on our own"
WA provides us with all the tools we will need to fight the "demons" of doubt.
Helping others when given the opportunity and a sense of gratitude as stn67 says go a loooong way :)
Good going Steve.

Getting past the doubts is the main hurdle to overcome

Great article! You're right about our family having so much influence on us. In my family, I have always been the odd-ball. I don't think anyone quite understands my driving need to be independent - to not work for someone else. Oh, I've done it, and I can do it when I have to. I just prefer not to.

Why is it such a seemingly unrealistic desire to want to actually enjoy what you do for a living? - To be fulfilled by what you do? Why is the expectation that for 40 or 50 years of your life, you should just suck it up and work a "real" job like everyone else? Why does my (anyone's) resistance to that insanity meet with scowls from others who resent anyone who dares think they are better than that?

It's a tough thing to buck up under that attitude from family. Nevertheless, to do anything less, leads to death of spirit. A slow agonizing death.

Totally agree when you get the independence it I such a great feeling

If you haven't already, you should read "The Dream Giver." I think it's by Bruce Wilkinson but can't find my copy so I'm not sure. It explores the resistance we get from those around us who prefer to play it safe. It's an awesome book! I've read it several times.

I've read it, it's great! I think I should read it again... wonder where I put that...?

Will look it up and read it

The key is to keep your thoughts to life. The second most important is to be generous. The rest you can learn here in WA

Well said agree totally

I loved this post. Thank you for taking the time to write it, it's exactly what I needed to read. Not that I am going through any bad days right now, but the beginning is super slow. Every once in a while I'll come back and read this post to remind myself that even when I get so frustrated and pissed when things just don't seem to be working out, it will get better. It always does, it has to. Because you are right when you say that there will be more good days than bad. Light is always more powerful than the dark. Darkness can not survive in the light. I couldn't have written what you said above any better if I tried, thank you for your motivational words.

You are welcome glad you enjoyed it

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