Word of Caution: Take time to read the affiliate agreements

Last Update: February 13, 2014

Word of Caution: Take the time to read the Affiliate Programs' Agreements before you join.
I applied to an affiliate program last month and as I read through the long and tedious legalese of their agreement, I came across the one thing that made me decide then and there to shelve them. It was a clause that demands that I share my WordPress password with them so that at any time that they are examining my website, they can go in and make their desired alterations. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was really glad I had persevered with reading all that legal stuff, painful as it was. Many times, I was tempted to just skip to the end and click the "I accept" button. I'm sure many affiliates did just that.

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ar20746 Premium
They aren't serious. It seems that is always clever to read the terms and conditions. Thanks.
Cathy Ling Premium
Thanks for the heads-up.
Isimaus Premium
Thank you so much...i hat reading through that stuff....:-)...as i´m no native speaker, sometimes it´s so hard to read. Thanks for the warning....:-)....have a fine day - Janine
nomda ploom Premium
whoa. Creepy. I had no idea, so thx for sharing Stephanie, with thanks Andy
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Stephanie.

Good advice! As we're a community here, would you care to share the name of the affiliate? It could stop lots of us who may "glance over the small print" from getting caught out.

All the best, Mark
Stephanie33 Premium
Hi Mark,
When I made the discovery of the offending clause I literally deleted and moved on. As best as I recall it was an investment house selling trading accounts. Sorry I can't be more specific.