Amazon...The odds are in our favour.

Last Update: March 24, 2014

I just read some interesting facts about Amazon that I thought were worth sharing with everyone selling Amazon products or thinking about it.

Five Amazon Facts:

1. Amazon has over 200 MILLION buyer credit cards on file (all ready to buy with ONE CLICK)

2. Amazon receives over 580 MILLION MONTHLY visits (that's 19 MILLION per day!)

3. Amazon spends on average at least $5 MILLION per month on just paid search advertising!

4. The average order value (how much people buy in a single transaction) on is $220.00

5. In 2013, Amazon's revenue was $74.5 BILLION (just 3 years ago, it was $34's nearly DOUBLED since then!)

Now, step right up and get your piece of this action.

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JackieWesley Premium
Good information to know. Thanks for sharing.
Be blessed!
acoolmil Premium
Impressive stats Stephanie.
Melanie1508 Premium
Hi Stephanie....These are very encouraging stats. Thank you for the valuable info. Melanie
thriver Premium
Hello Stephanie,
Thanks for the info. I'll be first in line (well, near the front anyway.)
Trialynn Premium
Interesting and good information to have on hand!