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Last Update: May 13, 2014

I wrote a post a while ago about the health benefits of red wine and dark chocolate and other foods that contain resveratrol. Doctors have been saying for a while that it has health benefits that protect the heart and protection from cancer. This was all based on studies from years ago. Recently, based on a new study, they're saying that it doesn't have the health benefits they thought it had. I happen to like my pieces of chocolate anyway.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do with an article you wrote after they change their research findings?

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autumn56 Premium
I would write a brand new article with the updated findings and then on the old one just say there has been an update and link it to the new findings. that way you get new content on your site, and you have updated your old content so that if anyone finds that they are now encouraged to stay on your site. it also shows that you keep up to date with the information you are providing to people
Trialynn Premium
Tell your readers not to take all research at face value, that opinions change and that the truth is elusive. You can only base what you pass on to them on research and conclusions by people much more qualified than yourself!
giludi Premium
I do like red wine and dark chocolate, whatever studies find out.
DBSTAR Premium
Everything you like, eaten in moderation, is good for you!
Bunn Premium
Research it more, then make your own decision in a current article (reference the one you posted previously). At least that's what I would do.