Are We Writing To Sell?

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While I was working on my website version 2.0 project (It is documented here), I am reminded of the objective of creating content.

How does one get into the habit of creating content?

Common advice is...

Write Every Day

The idea is that you will improve with practice and by writing every day, you will produce a lot of content.


If you don't have a purpose for that writing, it's not going to get you far.

I want to make sure I am not just writing for writing’s sake.

Too many writers get immersed into the act of writing, but aren't sure where they're going next.

I need to...

Write With A Purpose

I have set a purpose according to My 7-Step Action Plan.

But here's the thing,

What will writing great stories achieve?

I have published very information reviews on my website (version 1.0) according to the feedback received.

Simply publishing informative and witty blog posts does little to nothing.

Just as much time I spend producing content, I need to make sure I use those writing skills to...

Grow My Audience and Produce Actual Income

Here are just a few ideas I am exploring and maybe you should think if it will work for you...

  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships in my niche
  • Write content that my visitors want and have them sign up to my newsletter to get it
  • Work on growing my traffic and increasing my subscriber list every single day
  • Write emails to your subscribers. Not just emails that inform or entertain them, but ones that sell products

To make money...

We Must Sell Something Or No Earnings

If we don't sell anything, it's hard to earn from all our content.

Therefore, we need to...

Write sales pages or improve your current ones to effectively sell our products and services.

We may be great at what we do, but if we cannot convey that to our prospects, what good is that going to do for us?

My revised plan will include the following...

  • Develop content with the end in mind
  • Schedule time for writing to expand reach
  • Schedule time for action items to increase income

Are your producing a lot of content but little sales?

Maybe it is time to review your approach...

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This is a great any very useful article. The information that you supply is very helpful to someone like me who is a beginner and is still in the process of writing content for my website.

I am writing for two purposes:

1) To bring awareness to something that I'm very passionate about.

2) To hopefully earn income by drawing people to my cause and providing the best products for their needs.

Thanks Stanley. I will take your advice in mind when I'm writing my content.

Have a great day, wherever you are and whatever you are doing!

The sun is shining here but it is only 41 degrees. I think winter is coming quicker here.


Barbara, you are ready to go with your purposes. Wish you success.

Thank you Stanley.

Very good advise! Thanks

Do you have any funnels to attract traffic?

There are several funnels which I am analyzing. Most internet marketing funnels are focused on monetizing using a low cost front-end offer, followed by upsell and down sells. You need to be somewhat established to do that, therefore it will be more effective for vendors.

As an affiliate marketer, building a new website, I need to establish “authority.” In the WA training, we use content and keywords to do that. Therefore, the funnel I am designing is to develop several engagement pathways to various call to action. Good call to action response means I am doing something right and establishing some authority. Your audience need to believe and trust you somewhat to take an action.

The traffic source will be organic search plus social media.

Best of luck to you.

Yes we must sell anything on our webs, thanks for advise.

Yes, That is the purpose of any business.

Grear info! Thank you Stanley:)

You are welcome. Thanks for dropping by.

Stanley, oh so true. Who are you writing for? Very important question we have to ask ourselves.
Good post and good information.

Yes, I am learning that it is not so easy to do that but have to keep reminding myself what Is the end result I am writing for.

Thank you Stanley!


You are welcome, Jeff.

The take away for me is to write with the end in mind. Thank you for that ...
good stuff

Yes, if we do not write with the end in mind, we may write a lot without results.

Sounds like you have an excellent plan Stanley. Nice job.

Applying what I learn. Need to work smart.

That'll do it, everytime.

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