My 7-Step Action Plan - Website version 2.0

Last Update: November 05, 2019

Time For A Change

I wrote a blog about the state of my website and it is time for a change.

You can read about it here... (Read Here: Time For A Change)

The million dollar question would be, "Change To What?"

After review and reflection, I have developed the following 7-Step Action Plan.

1. Narrow My Niche

My niche is a very competitive niche. Therefore, the challenges faced in a competitive niche are:

  • Lots of available content
  • Difficulty creating unique content
  • Lack of differentiation

To address this problem, my solution is to further narrow down my niche. There are several methods to narrow a niche.

  • By Category
  • By Demographic
  • By Problem Statement / Unidentified Need

I have decided to take the problem statement / unidentified need approach

    2. Define The Problem / Need

    Using the problem statement /unidentified need approach, I have to do the following:

    First, I need to identify whether it is a Known Problem or Unidentified Need in the niche that I want to focus on.

    The is a difference between a known problem versus unidentified need.

    A known problem is when you feel the pain and know it.

    An unidentified need is you have a need that you are not aware of.

    To simplify my niche, I decided it may be too much effort for me to "educate" my audience on a need they are not aware of so I chose a known problem.

    With a known problem, the niche knows they have a problem and feel the "pain.

    3. Position The Website As The Solution

    The next step is to change the content on the website to "State The Problem" and position my website as the "Solution" to this problem.

    This means changing the "About" page to now focus on the problem and why I am the right person to help them address this problem and how the website is a solution to it.

    This will include the following changes to the website.

    • Communicate The Value Proposition
    • Changes To The Theme

    4. Communicate The Value Proposition

    Now that I have specifically communicated the problem to my niche audience. I have to do the following:

    • Get the audience to "AGREE" to the problem statement
    • Why should they "CARE' about this problem?
    • What this website is the solution? or can provide the solution?
    • What is the value proposition of this website to them?

    5. Use Top Menu As Solution

    The "Theme" of the website will be changed to address the needs of the target audience based on the new approach.

    The focus is on two areas:

    • Site navigation
    • Page navigation

    Site navigation changes will be to simplify the top menu navigation as a solution and value proposition.

    Page navigation will be to use internal links and call-to-actions in a more effective manner.

    6. Call-To-Action (CTA)

    The focus on Call-To-Action is to create "Engagement" and to get the audience to take action. If you train your audience to take action, you will be more effective in converting them into a customer than to remain passive. Actions is also another way to demonstrate "trust."

    Do I trust you?

    If I do, I am more willing to take an action.

    7. Create 3 Traffic Channels

    All the effort will mean nothing if there is no traffic. While the work on the content and SEO is to improve organic traffic from search engines, additional effort is needed to drive more traffic.

    I do know how some feel about Facebook but I am not ready to give up on that yet.

    So my focus on 3 traffic channels will be...

    • Facebook
    • Linkedin
    • Pinterest

    I have 4 figure network in Facebook and Linkedin, therefore it makes sense to leverage that. I just need to see how to get the activity and post frequency up.

    Pinterest is new. So I need to learn to see how I can leverage it more effectively.

    What about you?

    How is your site doing?

    While I am creating this plan for upgrading and improving my existing site, the ideas are application for new site as well.

    If you find this useful, do give it a like below.

    As always, comments we welcome.



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    Mick18 Premium
    Excellent plan. Thanks for sharing these tips.
    Stanleycmng Premium
    We all need a plan. just sharing mine.
    timstime20 Premium
    Lots of information
    Thank you for sharing
    Stanleycmng Premium
    Reflect on it. I find that helps.
    HeidiAnders3 Premium
    Kudos, Stanley!! This is a terrific post! I love all your tips - putting them to good use! :)

    Stanleycmng Premium
    Change what is not working and replace with what I think will work better. We are all learning... just do not stand still.
    Boibundy Premium
    I just started my website and I believe this is my direction. I need the 7 steps to seep into my brain. For real
    Stanleycmng Premium
    Trial and error version 1. Now I am more specific what I am after.
    JrzyGrlBJ Premium
    Wow, that's a very indepth article! Very informative. I, as a beginner here at WA would not have thought about approaching this subject as you have. Truly a great blog.

    Stanleycmng Premium
    We are all learning and doing at the same time.