Do you have what it takes to be successful?


When you get started in this industry, you have to be sure that this is what you want. Analyze your Mindset to see what it takes to be an online entrepreneur from expectation, conception until a fully -functional - successful business operation. It is not that easy, and it sounds good to say: I want to be my boss, I want to make lots of money. "

" Ask yourself can I handle the challenge"

Be honest who don't want these things, everyone wants to have it. But not everyone can achieve this goal. It takes a lot of self-discipline,self-motivation, time management, passion,self-courage and you need to put your heart into it. I don't say you need to be a workaholic or be willing to engage in questionable marketing tactics. All I wanted to say is you need to have a few characteristics that are common to most successful Internet Marketers.

It will require commitment, profound commitment.
Do I struggle with myself to change jobs then better stick to a 9-5 Job until you are ready? Sometimes the time is not right. Remember you are building a business and that takes time, effort, tweaking to make it work. There will be ups and downs, times where everything goes wrong, and there will be times you want to give up, but perseverance and a positive attitude is the Key to become an Entrepreneur. Every successful entrepreneur goes through this, it is part of learning and achieving.

Great Internet Marketers believe in being meticulous planers.They have goals, plans, schedules; they plan their day very carefully. They have it all in place for days, weeks, month and even a year.

Many of the successful Entrepreneurs do daily meditation in the early morning as it keeps them focus throughout the day. They prepare their mind for the day to come and be productive.

From my experience, I can say I am more productive with meditation in the morning my daily work just goes so relaxed from my hand, and most of the things work themselves out. 10 Minutes in the morning before you get out of bed is a good start, see how it can improve your productivity.

Atma Namaste


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The only one that can stop you is you.

That is correct. Thanks for sharing

Great post Sylvia.

I especially enjoy the part where you talk about commitment. So many times we get into the world of internet marketing and fail to remember that it is not a race. Being successful online requires a lot of hard work and we need to stay committed to meeting our goals despite any obstacles we may face.

Thanks for the reminder.

It is so true many do give up because they don't want to commit, some people just give up a short time before they have the big breakthrough.

Hello Sylvia

Great blog and I really can understand where you are coming from


Thanks, Paul. Everyone is advertising how easy it is to become an Entrepreneur and how easy it is to make money online.
We all know it is not that easy....

I know and you have to love what you do!

I hope I have what It takes!

You should not hope, you should say Yes ... I have what it takes.
Success has no doubts.

What can I say? You just encouraged me at a point I was relaxing at pursuing my goals. Thanks.

Life without goals is a Life not lived. As you never know how much more you can achieve.

Its true. Thanks.

I have just recently started doing yoga and plan on using it to help focus my mind and relieve the stress of the week.

Yoga is a great way to find your inner peace and align yourself.
I am sure in a couple of weeks you are more relaxed and grounded.

Meditation has evaded me for a long time. Switching my mind off seems to be very difficult. Do you have any tips?
With Grace and Gratitude

Yes, it was for me very hard too in the beginning until I understood what it is about.
Meditation is not about switching off the mind, as the mind never sleeps. Meditation is bringing your heart and Mind in coherence to access the power of your subconscious mind.
I use this sometimes when I cannot concentrate for meditation during the day it is only 15 minutes. Try it out

Thank you Sylvia. That is great advice about meditation. It is something I've never come to terms with because I can't seem to switch off enough. However, I will give it another try.

All the best.

I made mine a habit every morning before doing anything else, it creates the focus for me and I have a list to do in my head. What is really great. You don't need to switch off just concentrate on a sound or on breathing, even if you get it only for 2 or 3 minutes it will increase day by day. The mind will never be quiet but you can redirect the focus on something else that way the thoughts become less and less.

Thanks very much Sylvia for your advice.
I did start today with concentrating on my breathing before I got out of bed. I have a breathing 'disability'. I've used the word disability rather than disease, because COPD is referred to as a disease. I don't feel one bit diseased, just difficulty with breathing!
Anyway, I do experience difficulty with moving at the start of each day, so I used your advice and made a start this morning, and will develop it more each day.

This is great, Valerie
If you need help or advise please let me know I am happy to give you some tips.

That is very kind of you Sylvia.
I will accept your offer if I feel the need.
Thank you :)

Thank you for the mind set very interesting

It is and I like to think the mind plays a roll in being successful.

3 years here in April Sylvia!

I know you are going strong, time goes so fast. 3 years wow for me will be my first year.

Each day brings new opportunities Sylvia!

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