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Have you heard this phrase? "Information Overload" Are you wondering why? When you start as an internet marketer one time or another, it will happen. Learning too much in a short time and jumping from here to there instead of going step by step. I know it is exciting to learn all the new things, but believe me when I say there is only so much your brain can process. Information Overload -FrustrationAfter Information Overload comes, the frustration and you are feeling confused. We all go th
Amazing FREE Gifts, Tools & Tips from amazing International Female Entrepreneurs.I am not so sure if it is ok to post this here. In case I am not allowed I will take it down. There is an Entrepreneur Success give away taking place from 24th to 28th of February. All the participating Entrepreneurs are woman and they all agree to give away freebies. You can download more than 30+ Freebies. What kind of Gifts can you expect inside The Entrepreneurial Success Giveaway?Here are the subjects you
July 30, 2019
Not so sure if you are aware of it, but the interface of the webmail changed. I just got an error page logging into my mail, contacted sitesupport and they gave me the new interface link. For those who don't know here is the message from sitesupport. "You can access the new webmail interface at using the same login details as given in WA dashboard."I normally forward my mails, as I just started a new site and created the new email. Have a beautiful day..Cheers Syl
Do you know the google chrome extension pocket? I use Pocket now since 1 year and it makes it so much easier to save all your favourite pages you see on the Web. It is easy to install just go to google extensions >search for pocket > click on it and add it to your browser. It is also available on Internet Explorer. Saving a page to Pocket.You can save any page you like to Pocket, you just have to click on the save to pocket button in your toolbar.You can also create a keyboard shortcut fo
I just found this on facebook . Thought I share it is a good one. Have a great Day Atma Namaste Sylvia
This morning one of our interns ask this question. What is the difference between lazy and procrastination? Well I did not think that there would be a big difference, but there is so I got told. See the lesson I got and how my intern sees the difference in procrastination... ( all this got triggered because we cancelled a project this morning) So the world does not always unfold according to our expectations. Lady Luck steps in sometimes when we been putting off a task and never got around do
Good Morning, Good Day, Good Evening whichever Time zone you are ...Have a beautiful Easter weekend Enjoy the Days off and spent the time with your family. Remember Time is valuable and however, you spent it make the most of it. Happy Easter .. Happy Egg HuntingAtma Namaste Sylvia
March 21, 2018
Hello and Good Morning Twitter is now enforcing a couple of new limitations. It has been already announced in February that the (TOS ) will change to prevent malicious activity. Twitter changes their rules to stop users from posting identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account. Twitter's new rules will be valid from 23.03.2018.What are the limitations and how do they affect us. Before you could post multiple times a day the same co
Emotions and OrgansThe body reacts to different Emotions with feelings. Emotions described are metaphysical experience paralleled by a psychological process and by biological responses. The Traditional Chinese medicine sees seven emotions. Anger, Joy, Grief, Pensiveness, Anxiety, Fear and Fright. It might be a surprise that each emotion affects the health of an organ differently according to the Shen -Nong. According to David Osborne, the greek medicine is the root of traditional western medici
December 24, 2017
Merry Christmas to the Owners Kyle and Carson with Family..Merry Christmas to all Wealthy Affiliate Members. May you all are blessed with Happiness, Joy and Prosperity. A big thank you to all of you, without all of you the community would not be possible. Atma Namaste Sylvia