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How do I get a canva pin linked to website?

How do I get a canva pin linked to website?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

I made a Pinterest pin in Canva and I use the publish button to put it on my Pinterest board, but there is not a link to my website page. I must be missing something!

Heidi is right.

- You use Canva to create your pinterest image.
- You create a pin in pinterest, upload your image and add your link there.

Yes, I had to go in and delete the ones published from Canva and then download them to my computer and redo the pin on Pinterest. Why do they have a publish to Pinterest if there is not a way to add a link? I still think we are missing something.

I will need to check the publish to Pinterest. I think that is a paid feature. I am using the free version.

Yes, you can publish the image to Pinterest.
- publish to Pinterest
- connect to your Pinterest account
- select your board
- write pin description (your link included)
- publish

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How do you get your site mobile ready?

How do you get your site mobile ready?

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Website Development & Programming

I have had people tell me that when they bring my site on a mobile device, Google Ads covers up part of the content. They have closed the ad and it leaves a white space. Is t

Make sure you use a theme that is "responsive" is the first thing. That means it is mobile friendly. Laura has some good tutorials below.

This may help some. and this one one plugins to place the ads may help. Laura

Thanks Laura!

any time


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