Free Statista Data: Does Anyone Use It?

Last Update: Sep 28, 2019

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I recently decided to Google search statistic data online, and I found Statista.

I'm not affiliated with them or have any affiliate links for them. I'm just sharing data that I thought some of you would like to use for your business.

The reason why I did the research is that I wanted data from other sources that specialize in research.

I signed up to learn about what kind of info I would get.

Was The Info Even Worth It?

When I signed up for Statista, they have a free and premium option.

When I looked through their data on their site, it was difficult to find any data that I could use for free.

I also signed up to their newsletter, and they email me a lot of statistics daily.

I noticed when I got emails from Statista, I was able to use their data for free.

If I wanted to use an image of their infographic, all I would do is insert an HTML code (the reference link) on my website, or if I didn't want to use their image, I could link the reference link to their page.

The send me a wide range of statistics topics on many subjects.

A few like,

  • business
  • health and wellness
  • politics
  • health care
  • pollution
  • worldwide info

These are just a few infographic topics that I came across. What is cool about their data is that there is a wide range of data.

For instance, they have one that is called "Mental Health: The Impact of Social Media on Young People."

It showed in their graph that green means positive and red means negative.

In that graph, (which I can't show on here because I'd have to embed the code) but I believe I could link it, click here! The results were, Youtube has a positive impact, and Instagram has the most negative impact on young people.

So What Is Your Point Here Maam?

People at Wealthy Affiliate have a lot of different niche sites. I felt that Statista might be an excellent way to show infographic info on your website.

Not only that, it might help you come up with topics for your blog that you can write about that you probably never thought of.

You can link back to their site by saying something like, according to Statista; YouTube has the most positive impact on young people ages 14 to 24.

I Just Recently Started Using Statista

So far I like the info I get through my email. The links I used seems to work just fine, and so far, I haven't had a problem.

I don't know if anyone at Wealthy Affiliate uses or used Statista and had a different experience.

It doesn't hurt to check out their data if that is all you want to do, and that is why I'd thought I'd share the info I experienced with you.


What are your thoughts about Statista, have you used it, will you use it or do you use it, and what are your thoughts about it?

I would love to learn about your findings if you would kindly leave a comment below, thanks!

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Recent Comments


I get my stats from Wikipedia. I can trust them, do not know about Statista.

Hey Mark,

I use Wikipedia as well, but for me it's nice to have other sources for research purposes.

I'm still with Statista as a free member and I love the data they send me via email.

As of today, they have never tried to sell me anything by being a free member.

I noticed that most of their data is about current events.

What I really like about the info I get is that you can come up with other blog posts and add Statista data.

They are very transparent about how they get their data and there is nothing wrong with having or using other resources.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts,


Thanks for this info Evelyn.

You're very welcome Juliet!

I tried to sign up but as they insist on a phone number I didn't bother. Every time, rarely, my phone number goes on a site I get bombarded with rubbish calls.
Thank you for the info though.

Hey Linda, I agree! I don't like giving out my phone number and don't want to get rubbish phone calls. What I did was sign up as private user, and Statista didn't ask for my phone number there. You can try that if you want to! Thanks for pointing that out! :)

Now that would be better. Thank you, will give that a try.

I always use Statista as it has great material. BUT when one uses any Statistics it is useful to know how the data is sourced and compiled, otherwise it can be very misleading. So always read the details and be careful of digesting the words not just gloss over.

Here is a simple example: when talking about various apps and the number of users sometimes the number of registered users is used, sometimes number of downloads sometimes number of monthly users. And then you can chunk it down further eg: what is the criteria for "monthly users" .. is it one log in, is it one message.

My approach is like a TV show detective so that I can get what the Statistic really means and how valid it is for what I want to use it for.

Cheers, William.

Hey William, It is good to know that you like to use Statista.

A very excellent point when using statistic data. Thanks for sharing your point of view, much appreciate it.

Seems like a very useful tool to have, thank you Evelyn!

You are very welcome Florencio, oh and give your beautiful daughter a hug from me! :)

Thank you Evelyn, I'll do that!

... wonderful product review in the making here ... appreciate you checking it out and then sharing what you found out with us ...

... very helpful on your part ... thanks a whole bunch! ... :)

You're very welcome Keisha! :)

... it's all good! ... cheerio ... ⭐️😊🎈

I love your assessment and review. I need to experience it myself and it sounds like it will be a great help in improving our ways and means of creating more credible websites. Thanks for sharing. I will have to check it out, indeed.

No problem Florentino! :)

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