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Thank You!Wealthy Affiliate support team is awesome. They do their best to resolve issues which are far and few.From my experience, they tend to get the job done quickly.I just want to thank you again for another superb resolution.Thank you!To anyone reading this quick post,Keep blogging, smiling, and monetizing those sites.Blessings!
I don't know about you, but I'm going nuts here. I miss going out doing the things that I enjoy doing. Being stuck in the home is driving me crazy.Even my son, who is autistic and, who doesn't want to go to school, looked at me yesterday and said, "school," Lol.What are you guys doing to keep your zen? I miss my zen, and any advice will undoubtedly help. Thanks!
When you see eye candy that appeals to you, you may mumble something or something is going on in your head.Well, that is what happened to me when I saw this.What The Heck Are You Talking About Cuz I Don’t Have Time For This Missy!Okay, I will get to the point because we all know time is money!I must give it to Kyle and Carson, I don’t know who did it, but I’m in love...!With those Black Friday Banners.You guys outdid yourself again!OMG, I love how simple it is, yet the pink, t
Hello everyone, I hope all is doing well.I have been observing the news about Facebook. I've watched Zuckerberg being questioned and viewing people's thoughts about it on other social media platforms.I couldn't help but think of an out of control wildfire when I observed everything today.As we all know, Facebook is a social media platform that has billions of users.It is also a platform that has a lot of controversies.I was going to ask this question on a social media platform, but I decided to
I recently decided to Google search statistic data online, and I found Statista.I'm not affiliated with them or have any affiliate links for them. I'm just sharing data that I thought some of you would like to use for your business.The reason why I did the research is that I wanted data from other sources that specialize in research.I signed up to learn about what kind of info I would get.Was The Info Even Worth It?When I signed up for Statista, they have a free and premium option.When I looked
About a month ago, I lost my car keys. What I did was a Google search in regards to what I can do and how am I able to change my car locks.At the time, I didn't know what happened to my keys. Fortunately, I did find them, and they were in a weird side pocket of my purse that I never put any items in.At the time, my mind was going all over the place where I could have dropped my keys. I over-worried myself, and that is why I did a Google search.One article I read was very long. I'm guessing it w
I got Google Assist for my son. My son didn’t like the gadget and didn’t want anything to do with after I installed it.Of course, I wanted to play with it and I started asking it questions.We Went NutsMy daughter heard me asking it questions and she joined then we just went all over the place asking all kinds of questions.We’d ask questions like,How many stars are in the sky?How do you make money online?What is your name?Who is SiriWhat do you like to eatTell me a joke?Sometim
The common reason a person might leave WA is that they may have a financial struggle. I know that financial struggle suck and once you get back on your feet, WA will be here waiting for you to help you further your financial future.I want to get into the mindset aspect because that was the struggle I experienced. It wasn’t because I felt that WA didn’t work at all. Actually, it was because of loses that I had within the past couple of years.This isn’t a post to inspire you but
I know that title seems like I'm going to write words of encouragement, but actually this post isn't really like that.What happened was, I was checking my emails. If you use Pinterest, you know that they let you know some of your most popular pins.One of my pins that they said was popular was a picture of a quarterback. In that image, I added a line that said, You can’t call yourself a quarterback if you’re not throwing the ball!Me Being Me, I Started To Think Of Other OnesYou can&r
I learned through time that websites are unique. Meaning, someone may have a great experience using a plugin or theme but, another person may not.We all are using different make and models of computers, browsers and internet connections. It Starts With YourComputerIt’s very important to have a virus cleaner and to clean your system. Sometimes a glitch can happen through your own browser or a virus on your computer.It is a good idea to run a virus scan now and then.I don’t know if ot