Spam created in my name

Last Update: November 19, 2015

Good day folks,

I read an article today regarding our spam folders, and for the first time I also looked what was in my own spam folder.

I was very surprised and shocked to find quite a few articles supposedly written and posted by me, about topics that I never even heard about before, nor have I ever responded or written about any of them.

My question is this :

* How can we put a stop to this ??

Thank you in advance for any advice and or recommendations.


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mijareze Premium
I heard that Antispam Shield will block/delete spam so you never see it! I changed to Antispam Bee and I am noticing a lot of spam coming through...
MarionBlack Premium
I sympathize with you Theuns. I haven't had the same experience but I keep getting emails from and there is no way I can filter these out. They don't go into my spam folder, they just keep coming into my inbox. I've tried everything I can think of. :(
amethystmoon Premium
I am wondering if there is a way to trace it back to where it originated.
And has anyone else experienced this problem
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
I don't know how you can stop spam being created in your name.
I receive spam email created in my business email address and I don't know how to stop those emails.

I realize that my emails have nothing to do with spam articles in your name. I just mentioned that in respect to how difficult it is to deal with spam.

I use Antispam Bee plugin on my website and that advises me by email when I have a spam message. At least with Antispam Bee I can delete the message as soon as I am advised.

I do hope someone can help you with a solution soon :)

Missa3 Premium
Wow I have never seen that