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December 14, 2015
Hello to all,Just a quick question today :I am forced to take some time off from WA for a while due to some external factors. My concern is that when I get back, my websites will have been put on the back burner by the system, for not being active enough for some time.Is this a real concern or not ?Thanks in advance for your valued inputs.-Theuns.
November 19, 2015
Good day folks,I read an article today regarding our spam folders, and for the first time I also looked what was in my own spam folder.I was very surprised and shocked to find quite a few articles supposedly written and posted by me, about topics that I never even heard about before, nor have I ever responded or written about any of them.My question is this :* How can we put a stop to this ??Thank you in advance for any advice and or recommendations.-Theuns
November 11, 2015
IntroductionThis article is aimed at total newbies who decided to promote Wealthy Affiliate for starters, but maybe some of us "old hands" can also learn something from it.I know that we always advise new members to rather concentrate on building their websites and to follow the training one step at a time, and not to focus on the earnings potential of it for now. This is good, sound advice, but let's be brutally honest here :Who among us can truthfully say we never really wondered how much we
Hi folks,Just a quick one today.Can I post and article in more than one category on my website ?Is this not seen as duplicate content ?Thank you all.-Theuns
Hello to everybody,I seem to have missed a step somewhere while building a new website.The comment box appear on some pages, but not all of them. It also appears on all my blogs/articles, and that's just fine.How do I activate or deactivate the comment box on PAGES ? Please help.Many thanks-Theuns
Hello friends,I just read a post by Jovo regarding Tags and Categoeries, as well as a reply by Dennis on how to use them.I know these things are important, and I just want to make sure I understand it all correctly, so that I can implement them to my best advantage :I know the answers are probably somewhere in the training, but I prefer to hear from the experts who have devised their own methods successfully, to enhance their search engine rankings.1. Pages. a. Categories. How do I ass
September 17, 2015
In following up on my previous blog regarding WP editor problems, I am happy to announce that the support team at WA fixed it in record time, and all seems to be back to normal again.This serves to thank everyone who participated, especially the guys working behind the scenes who we never see and tend to forget. You guys rock. !!Many thanks again, and be assured I am delighted with the excellent response time in fixing the problem.Warm regards-Theuns
Hello everyone,I know this topic has been raised and discussed ad infinitum in the past, but now it has caught up with me as well.WP editor not showing visual !!In the past I always fixed it (somehow ?) by refreshing the page or installing the latest change/update I had made to a post. Here's my problem :1. The editor works fine on my other website, no problem whatsoever.2. It also worked fine while building my new website, up to a point, when it just quit on me. Here are the symptoms :a.
Hi folks,It's one of those days in my life. :(I'm busy building a new site and have (as far as I know) followed all the prescribed steps as set out in the training videos by Kyle. I even went back to them and watched them as I went along, but I seem to have missed something along the way.Here's my problem :I have installed SI Captcha as well as Social Media Feather (exactly the same as on my other site where it works fine), but on this site it simply does not show up. And yes, I am using t
INTRODUCTIONWe live in a competitive world and due to the advances in latter day technology, internet marketing has also become an art in itself. We all desire to be successful in our businesses but without a successful website, we are dead in the water.KEY ELEMENTSApart from a whole host of other things, it is of paramount importance that our website must conform to a few specific parameters in order to not only catch attention, but also to retain a visitor for as long as possible.Below I ha