Need advice about Tags and Categories please.

Last Update: September 19, 2015

Hello friends,

I just read a post by Jovo regarding Tags and Categoeries, as well as a reply by Dennis on how to use them.

I know these things are important, and I just want to make sure I understand it all correctly, so that I can implement them to my best advantage :

I know the answers are probably somewhere in the training, but I prefer to hear from the experts who have devised their own methods successfully, to enhance their search engine rankings.

1. Pages.

a. Categories. How do I assign a relevant category to a page ? Do I randomly choose any category description that I THINK would be "appropriate" and relevant, or is there another pre-selection of categories to choose from ?

b. Text in Categories. If I can choose my own relevant category, what text or description should I enter as the category ? Should it include my page URL andor keywords ?

2. Posts.

a. Tags. What should I enter in this field ? My post URL or a keyword or a combination of both ? What will be the most advantageous to my post as far as ranking is concerned ?

b. Alt Text. For the images that I post in my articles, what exactly should I enter in the alt text field ? My Post URL, or a Keyword or simply a description of what the picture is all about ? Which will bring me the best results ?

3. YARP. Dennis mentioned the possible use of YARP. (Yet Another Relevant Post). From what I understand, I assume this is another type of plugin we can use. How many of you are using this YARP plugin, and do you consider it to be worth while ?

Would like to get your feedback, and thanks in advance.


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BSurla Premium
I just missed this part, I already got the answer but i forgot to save in my favorites and I can't recall whose post was it. How can I hide the tags and categories but still active within the post? I hope to get an answer. Please & Thanks a lot

All the best.

SupportWorx Premium
I'm gonna keep checking back for these answers too... thanks for asking. -Alexx
solidbase Premium
No matter how much we think we know, there's always something new to learn from somebody else out there.
This is a great place to be in.
DeeSmith Premium
Thanks for asking. I will bookmark this to have place for the answers.
solidbase Premium
You are most welcome Dee.
That's how we all learn the intricacies of this mysterious thing called Internet Marketing. :)
Have a great day.
Mark1957 Premium
Ditto that for me too Dee!
jvranjes Premium
Hi Theuns. Here are answers only on the part for posts. For pages I have to see how it works with the plugins. Dennis gave some useful answer.

So for tags in posts (probably the same for pages) please see blog by Marcus, I have seen you took part in discussion but here it is: About Alt Text, I just published a text last nigh (what a coincidence):
it depends what you put in other elements of the picture. If you use keyword in file name or title then do not use it in Alt Text, but use it somewhere for sure.

About YARP, if Dennis is using it, then it is worth thinking about it. I shall try it sooner or later.
solidbase Premium
Hey Jovo,
Thank you for your time, and for the comprehensive answers.
I will take another look at both links you provided.
I really appreciate your inputs.
steviedean Premium
wow that's a lot of questions sir haha I have time to tell what I do with the categories...I have created main Categories to my site, not lots of them...I have "Psychology of learning - Free Online Courses - Learning Aides - Learning TV and the Learning Process" every post that I write fits into one of those Categories...also very useful for people on your site...if you go to this url it will display all of my posts in that category on the one page, very useful for people browsing your site and for Google indexing.

you assign categories while you are writing your post and you can add a post to more than one category. you can assign categories also by using "quick edit" on the all posts page of the admin panel.

The category description only needs to be a short paragraph, so for me on the category of learning TV, it might read "Learning how to learn Video lectures and documentaries will teach you how to learn" (just an example)

I hope this helps on that one aspect of your question...just what I do :)
solidbase Premium
Hey Stevie (Or is it Steve ?),
Thank you do much for popping in and for your advice and guidance.
It is highly appreciated, and I will for sure make use of it.
Have a great weekend.