Two Important Things To Note For Your New Referrals

Last Update: April 30, 2019

For those promoting WA to a friend or family member, what I am about to write, may give you something new to think about when writing any WA review.

As the title states, we need to be aware of two pieces of vital information that our prospect referrals need to know. I will keep this nice and short:

  1. Make sure that whoever you give your link to, do not go and research WA via Google, once you have sent them your referral link. Why?
    If they do not use your link and they decide to do research on the side, using another Googled link, then - guess what? you have just lost a referral to someone else. Now, how do I know? becasue it has happened to me and my family member is under another member. Kyle explained to me that it is the last link, and not the first link, that a prospect referral uses to join.Even if they did click on our links, at first. I was mad at the time, but I have to live with it, and get on with my online business.
  2. Once your prospect joins as a new trial member, you need to convey to them that their free siterubix website only lasts for 6 months. If they do not upgrade to Premium, when this period is up, their free site/s will be removed to make space, for those who are serious about building a business. Only just found this out, through another member's comments from Kyle.

There you go. I hope that this blog will help to clarify any confusion, going forward.

Feel free to comment or add your take on this. Thanks.

Enjoy your day :)

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AndiLouis Premium
Thanks for the heads up I didn't know about #2
Wishing you the best,
~ Andrea
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
It looks like it is new change
Vasiliy Premium
Yeah good info. I am also surprised siterubix domain would expire after some time
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
Thanks, yes it appears to be something new
SondraM Premium
Llaisanne, thank you for sharing these tips. I was not aware of either one of these. I had always wondered about the first link/last link thing.

I'm sorry about the lost referral especially since it was a family member.

This is very timely information since I have been working on updating my WA review.

I hope you have a wonderful week that gets better and better.
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
You too Sondra and thanks for commenting.
MiaL Premium Plus
Interesting - thank you. I did not know that about sitebubix sites.
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
You are welcome 😄
Cav1966 Premium
6 months? Wow not what i had thought or heard before

Thanks for the heads up
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
Apparently I have been giving my new referrals the wrong info and also writing the wrong info in my reviews...have to go change it now.