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June 20, 2019
I just wanted to stop and share a new milestone, with everyone - I was in the middle of doing something when this popped up. I cannot believe, I am 6 months old.This is the longest I have been with any online program and so happy to be here still.I would like to say, a big thank you to all the friends and supporters (you all know, who you are) that I have met here in WA and also my heart felt thanks to Kyle, Carson, Jay, my referer Dale, and all the ambassadors, for all the available training
Hi everyone, I have been busy trying to fix a few security issues on my websites - and finally I caught those theives and locked them (or should I say blocked them) hopefully, for good.Here are my community questions that lead me, to do some research of my own and finally found resolutions: promised a few members, that I will let them know of any solutions, therefore, I
May 31, 2019
I am back everyone! and boy have I got news to share. Thank you awesome people for your caring thoughts, comments and PMs. They kept me positive throughout my time of absence from WA. I really missed you all.I had been a little naughty and did not rest on the first few days back from hospital, and instead of being away from WA for a short time, I ended up being almost forever.My laptop was handed back to me, (my husband felt sorry for me), which is much better than staring at my small mobile ph
May 20, 2019
I know this platform is not a social media, but this is a quick update to all who left me a thought and prayer. I was out of surgery yesterday afternoon, and everything went according to plan. I was too sleepy to update you all.The doctors are happy with the results, and I will be home, in another two days.I just want to say, thank you and that, I truly appreciate all the lovely comments, that each of you left in my blog.I felt every positive thought sent my way. I love WA. You you are all amaz
May 19, 2019
Unfortunately I will be away (from WA) for a couple of weeks, and this could mean out from SAC as well. I have mentioned in a few comments, and now just want to let everyone know, since some were quite alarmed. I am going for an operation this morning and hopefully will be fixed after. However, it will take me off work for 6 weeks to heal. However, my brains will still be functioning, and I will try be mobile phone active to see what you are all up to. I will not be able to use my PC, as sittin
I was helping someone a few nights ago, to find out how to change the WA notificaions status for emails. I wanted to give this new member a link that showed them simple instructions, so I searched all the WA blogs and trainings and could not find one. The ones I did find (with the appropraite keywords) were for something totally unrelated or were only blog questions from other members.I have been holding off starting a training here out of fear, and I thought that I may as well bite the bullet
Hey if you ever thought to yourself, if WA had any better competition out there, then read on.I was doing some research late, last night, on other programs to review, and I came across, Dan Henry - a self taught, self-proclaimed guru of FB marketing and founder of the platform: Get Clients Mastermind Community (not as big as WA). He was offering a free webinar, so I booked it.I thought it would be interesting to watch and see what new tips he could offer, not found in WA. He also promised a fre
For those promoting WA to a friend or family member, what I am about to write, may give you something new to think about when writing any WA review. As the title states, we need to be aware of two pieces of vital information that our prospect referrals need to know. I will keep this nice and short:Make sure that whoever you give your link to, do not go and research WA via Google, once you have sent them your referral link. Why?If they do not use your link and they decide to do research on the s
April 25, 2019
Today I would like to offer some information that may be of help to the WA community.It is wonderful to see so many people blogging and I enjoy all the various genres of content. I am always gaining new knowledge or motivation, from the stories that I read each day.Now, I have just recently noticed, how many new members are eager to show their written website content here, and who do not realise, the ramifications of what that means for their work.To clarify this I will give you the following s
Hi everyone,I love helping people and especially in W.A., because we are all on the same wavelength and it helps me, also with my online business. I couldn't have got where I am without you all.However, I find it amusing that when I tell people (outside of WA) that I work from home doing my online business (I try), and I think to myself; that they will get it in their heads, " okay, she means, she is busy, and will have no time for me", yet they still show up uninvited and take almost all of m