Daily Facts - Day #68: Billion dollar niches - The $70 billion weight loss for women phenomenon

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Personally, I think that is one of the most popular and profitable niches ...

And I know what you are thinking now ... "It's oversaturated" ... "Too many competitors" ...

Well, as I always said: big competition = big money ...

And believe me, the targetable sub-niches are almost endless ... More than that, this evergree niche has plenty of room for growth and the market is HUGE. According to the World Health Organisation 35% of women aged 20+ are overweight!

Once again, the numbers are speaking for themselves (provided by Marketing Charts, PRNewswire) ...

  • it's a $70 billion market
  • meal replacements (shakes, nutrition bars) are posting strong growth and sales of these products will outpace the growth of OTC diet pills to 2022
  • more than 66% of Americans are overweight or obese, while two decades ago that was only 25% of the population!

The Google Trends chart shows a steady demand ...

... and the regional pattern is also very clear:

Jaaxy gave me 6,565 AVG monthly searches for "weight loss for women" and 251,601 (!) for "weight loss".

The cherry on the top ... As I already said, there are many leverageable avenues: women's health, weight loss diets, weight loss sauna, fast weight loss, fat burners, meal replacements, protein powders, weight loss strategies for different age demographics, weight loss camps, weight loss pills & supplements, post pregnant weight loss, abs diets, pre-marriage weight loss, weight loss with yoga, etc, etc.

And no wonder, for "weight loss for women" I found 10K products only on Amazon ... For "weight loss" there are 60K items on Amazon.

My conclusion

One of the best niches out there ...

People want to be feel confident about themselves and women - especially between 25-45 - are obsessed with looking good and staying in shape.

And this is a very powerful emotional trigger that can help you to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

Your thoughts?

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Recent Comments


I can relate as I was an overweight teenager and went through a lot of roller coaster diets at that age and in my 20’s. I’m liking my 40’s better. :) It’s a niche that will just keep growing as people will always be interested in losing weight. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the time and the feedback Renee!

Funny, as I’m replying to you, there’s a weight loss commercial on tv. :)

Timeless and evergreen niche right?

Thank you for the share Zed. Confidence is a key to success

I agree!

Long time no see :(

Hello again (feels like I am stalking you today :-) your fault for writing so many great articles :-)
What interests me here is the drop in the use of OTC diet pills and increase in shakes. The MLM world does quite a bit in shakes, think Mannatech - they're just pretty pricey, for the South African market that is.
May I ask for your advise please? Do you think it would be worth me doing something with this on my site as a sub niche within a niche? I was considering doing a new year 90 day fitness challenge (clean eating and exercise, maybe affiliate some protein shakes) as a page on my site and promoting it via Facebook. My niche is all about living a life of geographic and financial freedom - affiliate marketing being the way to achieve it.
Hope you don't mind me picking your brain here.
Thank you again for all your positive contributions.

Based on your input I'd say that maybe it would be a better idea to create a new site Louise. Personally I think that a fitness challenge is too "distant" for a financial freedom topic ...

But is just a personal opinion. One opinion ... How about launching a poll on your site?

Thank you for your input. "I think I better think it out again" from the movie Oliver

Weight loss is easy. Just don't eat! lol


You just killed this awesome niche :)

Thanks for the smile :))

I didn't mean to Zed.

Hey, weight loss is an awesome niche because of obesity issues.

Thank you for much appreciated efforts.


Jovial spirit going into the New Year 2019.


Yes, the market is getting ‘bigger’ now. Hence, lots of slimming products are out in the market now. It is also affecting the Asians, especially our kids have obesity issues.

Thanks for the time and the valuable input Terand!

You are most welcome and it’s my pleasire too, Zed! Good night to me and good day to you, Zed! :o)

Good night!

Actually is 7PM here :)

Oic. It’s, 110am 😀

I BELIEVE this is one of the so called EVERGREEN niches. It's been the most profitable niches around and no surprise it is one of the most competitive niches as well.
Thanks for sharing Zed.


I agree Joe!

Thanks for the time and the input!

Zed.... always ahead of the curve. :))

That was a pun by the way........

That's me?

I don't feel that blue ...

Speaking from a personal point of view I would expand the age limit lol! Great post thanks for the encouragement, competition? What competition

Thanks for the feedback Ann!

I agree with everything 😉

And even though the numbers are lower for a similar search on "men" the opportunity is still very big.

On that note, I personally think that the obesity epidemic is here to stay no matter how many websites we put out there.

Good for business, bad for mankind.

I agree with every word :)

Thanks for the time Lars!

Yes I agree with your post and this is a big topic for our society. I wonder if a lot of these products are truly healthy or need to be taken off the shelf.

Good question Vanessa :)

I don't want to be the bad guy here, but I'm pretty sure that there are many "weird" products on those shelves ...

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