I consider this unethical and dangerous. Do You?

Last Update: April 23, 2018

I am reviewing a product and I need some help.

The product in question is a plugin which allows you to "clone" someone else's website and use their content and authority to display pop up ads and redirects.

They even say in their own sales page...

"This is a proven piece of software that works over and over again, as the visitor is sneakily tricked into thinking you are sending them to CNN.com"

The software suggests you take high authority content from sites like CNN, BBC and so on and share them on social media, etc.

When someone clicks on the link, thinking they are going to BBC, they are sent to a replicated website, your website, which will be littered with pop up affiliate links and so on...

This is unethical and breaks copyright laws, right?

Let me know what you think below.

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Kyoko817 Premium
I would say so. You can stay away or research more about it and some regulation, and write up the review as "unethical" and introduce WA to create the website in the right way.
Stella2 Premium
edensbox Premium
I wouldn't even want to be associated with something like that. I see prison bars ahead if someone does start using it.
techhound Premium
I don't know how this particular plugin works, but I have seen similar ones in the past. The ones that I have seen will place the authority website in an iFrame, which is a HTML construct that essentially displays the website as if it is on your website, even though it comes completely from the authority.

iFrame technology can usually skirt by the copyright issue because it is not actually copying code or information. It is using the host's code and displaying it as is. This is not an endorsement from me, however.

It should be noted people include YouTube videos on their website, which could be argued that it's similar to what your plugin is trying to do (assuming iFrame). Further, YouTube gives its blessing. However, this is not the same as what you are referring to, because the plugins is deliberately trying to deceive the viewer.

Whether the plugin you are reviewing is using iFrames or some other technology is, in my opinion, immaterial. Any means of deception should be looked upon as unethical and possibly illegal.

I believe you have reason to proceed with caution with this.

Best Regards,
skandy85 Premium Plus
Yep. That is exactly what they are doing. They use iframes.
edensbox Premium
It sure does! How scary is that! That they can just copy your whole site and spoof it. I have run into a couple of them. There will be something off with them. Whenever I get an email, I research for the real company and call them.