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How to connect the link in wa training?

How to connect the link in wa training?

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I figured out! Thank you! :D


Hi everyone, I am trying to create the first ever training. I don't know how to connect the link in the training content. I can't f

Just copy the link you want to connect to and paste it into the body of the content.

Yes, I figured it out! Thank you! But I guess you can't do "click here" and insert the url?

Or create an anchor text?

Not really...

You can change the text of the link.

Once you paste the link into your content and then press Enter/Return to set the link, if you click on the link you will see it says Edit.

When you click on Edit it will give you the option to create the text for the link.

So instead of the raw my.wealthyaffiliate blah blah blah link, you can make it say whatever you want.

Example, look at the bottom of the following page. I changed the text for three of my training tutorials to help the reader to understand what each link is in reference to.

Here's one way how to add "anchor text" Kyoko:

1. Copy and paste any URL or type in "dummy" link
i.e., https://google.com

2. Click on the dummy link (left click) and you will get this - see Screenshot #1

3. Click "Edit" and this will take you to "Edit Link" - see Screenshot # 2

4. Enter the actual URL (if you haven't done so in Step 1) and the link text, hit "Save"

You will see your link in your training (or post) as your anchor text.


Ah! Got it! I needed to copy and paste the link first then I can edit. Thank you so much!

Got it! So helpful. Thank you so much!

Loes taught me this "anchor" trick over one year ago, I've since been using it all the time. I love it, Kyoko!

My pleasure.

it's in the menu on the upper right corner of the screen, the pen icon next to the rank icon

Thank you! Maybe my question was not clear. I am already creating a training. I don't see the link icon in the tool bar in the content box. Tool bar is only showing the font and upload pictures. But I know many trainers have links so I believe I can do it. Just don't know how... :(

There is no link button.

Just open another page with the training or post you want to link to.

Then copy the URL and paste it into your training tutorial content like you would any other form of content.

I guess I figure out one method - just copy and paste the url into the content box. Duh!
But I wanted to do "click here" and insert the link. I guess I can't do it.

Thank you for the help!

you wanted to do a button or "click here" with an embedded link (URL). No, I think you can only copy and paste the URL.

I got it! Thank you so much! I needed to copy and past the ulr first, then I can edit!

Thank you. I am creating the content training, not video... :( Will do video a bit later! :D

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