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Can you give me a second opinion on this before I publish so I know I am doing the right thing?I am reviewing a product and I am going to call it a Ponzi scheme....I am always VERY careful about what I say. I never use the word "scam", or "rip-off". I always keep myself rather impartial and say "In my opinion, this is low quality and I would not use it...." This is to distance myself from slander charger or anything of that nature and keep disgruntled vendors at bay.HOWEVER,...The product I am
I am reviewing a product and I need some help.The product in question is a plugin which allows you to "clone" someone else's website and use their content and authority to display pop up ads and redirects.They even say in their own sales page..."This is a proven piece of software that works over and over again, as the visitor is sneakily tricked into thinking you are sending them to"The software suggests you take high authority content from sites like CNN, BBC and so on and share them o
February 26, 2018
I am doing some work for a client, travel agent, and they have over 1,000 pages which have outdated information. This includes old holiday itineraries, discontinued countries and old travel information which are outdated and are no longer used or needed.Should I delete these pages and posts and stick in a 410?Is there any point in trying any redirects, rewriting or anything because the content I am redirecting to will also be out of date within 6 months.Any input would be greatly appreciated.Be
I won't bore you with too much detail but this is my issue:I review Internet Marketing products.I recently reviewed a product which I liked and gave a nice review for. I got chatting with the author and he has agreed to do an interview with me and this seems like it could lead onto better things down the line. He is a platinum ClickBank vendor.The author then mentioned he has a close friend who also has a product which is currently selling very well on ClickBank. I asked if I could review that
I managed to get an interview with a DJ for my blog. A great DJ with a MEGA high page authority site and possibly a fantastic backlink.I sent her my questions and she answered, with lengthy, honest and wonderful comments.BUT, there is one problem. She is from Germany and her spelling and grammar is terrible...Do I edit her answers before posting???I do not want to offend her or anything but I also do not want Google or my readers to think I can't spell! LOL!
Howdy, WA team!I finished a post on my website today and I thought it may prove useful to people on WA. Tips on how to make your website more appealing to your lovely readership.Having a website which is visually beautiful and functional is VERY important;Benefits of improving user experience on your website;reduces bounce ratesincreases conversionincreases trust and authorityincreases return businessincreases SERP ranks free to leave a c
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Evening folks!I recently came across a very successful website by a fellow WA member. I won't mention his/her name but I know that this person knows what he/she is talking about.In the articles on his/her website he/she talks openly and highly recommends buying backlinks. I had a look at the recommended sites and they promise "White Hat Links" - "Boosted Google Rankings" and all the usual bells and whistles.I was under the impression that paying for links is VERY risky in terms of Google slappi
I want to review electronics (within a certain category)The problem is that everything I type into Jaaxy - "{product} review" - Amazon, Ebay or some major magazine is ALWAYS top 5.I have tried different categories too and they all seem to be the same.Is there any point in trying to compete with these big boys?Help!
Need images for your websites?? you go. Check the licences but most - if not all - are free to use in your blog as you wish.Enjoy!
Hey, my WA chums! I have a website at the moment with the aim of helping people with public speaking anxiety. It is 3 weeks old and I am just filling it with content etc. I am ranked in Google but not getting any organic traffic yet. Can anyone explain why I am getting all these hits from these "sharing" sources? How do they get my URL? Can I block these? Why am I linked with a porn site?? Other than creating content I have not done any "black hat" SEO none-sense. I am purely concentrating