Help Sell Your Product With A Landing Page

Last Update: November 22, 2019

Have you ever thought about building a one pager website to help better sell your product.

It's what they call a ''landing page''.

Basically, it' s a ''one page'' website that gives every detail about the product that you are selling. It includes information about you, a list of all of the benefits the product has to offer, images of it and what the client will get out of the product if he chooses to buy it. At the end of the page, he clicks on ''purchase now'' and BAM, it's done! Money is in your account and the product is delivered to the client.

It's basically a ''one stop shop'' and apparently, many online marketers are using it and are very successful.

There exist a few platforms that makes the entire process very easy.

What are your thoughts on this?

Sonia J.

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Sedna888 Premium
I am using it, it is not necessary to have multiple domain. I am doing it in three ways:

1. Create a sub-domain and build your page from the sub-domain (no additional cost required for sub-domain) and build your page from there.

2. Build a new page using a page builder software, I am using Instabuilder 2.0 (One time purchase, no monthly subscription), you can build the Landing page and integrate any auto-responder and publish as a page, and they have a lot of template to choose from too.

3. You can create a new directory from File Manager (you need to access from Control Panel and create a new directory under public.html) and upload your file, this method is a little complicated, not recommend if you are not familiar with it.

There is a free page builder anyone can use them which I am authorized to share, it is not to sell for profit, it is a simple page builder for someone who want to build a not so complicated and clean landing page able to use it, leave me a message if anyone like to give it a try.
Linda103 Premium
Would be interested to try the free page builder Sk, if you don't mind sharing.
SJB Premium
WoW! Thanks for the great tips! This is very helpful!
Sedna888 Premium
Hi Linda,
Sure I can share with you.

Here you go:
Linda103 Premium
Thank you very much.
jvranjes Premium
Here are a few things to consider before building such one-pagers:
1. Each of them needs a domain, and this is an extra cost.
2. Each needs hosting and thus more cost.
3. Such a site can never become an authority site. So the traffic must be paid or driven from your main site, or from social things.
4. If this is from the main site, this dramatically reduces Page Rank of the main site. It is spent on the small sites which can never become an authority in any case.

These are just a few things, there is more, like keeping all the stuff updated in such multiple sites etc.

The alternative is to do what they teach here, build an authority site and link posts. You can make such a landing page short and sweet as you want even as a separate post on the existing site.
SJB Premium
As mentioned, there are platforms that exist ( for a cost of course) that offer everything that you mention.
My goal is to not put my eggs in the same basket. Yes, an authority website is a goal, but the one-pager will surely help our site gain traffic.
I wouldn't suggest one do this at the beginning. However, when your site gains authority, it's surely very helpful and could be very lucrative. Thanks for your awesome feedback, :)
Best wishes to you.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I've heard a lot about it, and it's on my never-ending list of things to look into. Thanks for bringing it up, and I'll be interested in reading here what you find out!

SJB Premium
Thank you, Jeff. I will be sure to keep you posted. :)
TedBliss Premium
I like the idea as an extension of your main website when education is required before buying and the product (affiliate marketing or your own) is unrelated to your main line or you want to highlight a special item or service. Another reason for a separate website like that would be if the audience was materially different.

If the education is short and sweet, the landing page idea could work very well. It would keep the interest level high all the way to purchase.

I'm going to very definitely pursue that line of thinking when I get my main website up and running properly.

What kind of platforms are you talking about?

Thanks for suggestion. Ted
SJB Premium
Hello, Ted.
I can't really mention any specific platforms here because some have affiliate programs ( which I may or may not be a part of) and I don't want to give one more credit than another, but yes, a landing page must be short and sweet. If not, people lose interest.
I am referring to platforms that have everything built-in for us to actually build the one-pager.
sdawson Premium
Just don't link, but of course, clickfunnels has it all and you pay a lot for it. Getresponse now offers funnel building and landing page tools much cheaper than clickfunnels.