Is My Site/Niche Worth It?

Last Update: Nov 26, 2013


Is My Site/Niche Worth It?

Is it Worth it?

Lately, I’ve been receiving some not-so-motivating feedback/opinions/advice about my site/niche from other members… I don’t mind the honesty, I actually prefer it, but- It’s concerning to hear from someone who knows what they’re doing and is obviously successful at this that my site is going in the wrong direction, or that my business plan is setup for affiliate/online marketing failure.

When someone gives me advice, I take it. Especially if its corrective.

I would rather stop messing with a hopeless niche now, than put in even more work than I already have into it, only to find out later down the road it all wasn’t worth it, and that all my hard work was for nothing.

I am still very motivated and passionate about succeeding in online/affiliate marketing with a website, but it is a bit discouraging to feel like I’ve been heading in the wrong direction all along.

I would really love to hear your straight-up, honest, real opinions about the potential of my websites current plans, and future.

My Site/Nich

  • -I promote/recommend psychedelic art & clothing
  • -The main purpose/solution of my site is to compile psychedelic art & clothing from multiple (affiliate) sites into one, convenient place, so that shoppers/visitors have one place to go to, and don’t have to shop around searching various different sites. I also plan for my site to be an info-center for anything and everything to do with psychedelic art & clothing.
  • -My target audience is people like me: people who like psychedelic art, and are interested in buying it or wearing it as clothing.
  • -I plan to display massive amounts of art & clothing in gallery style setups, with affiliate links to the product page in the image description, so that those that are interested in buying can easily be linked to the “buy” page of my partner site, with which I am affiliated.

What I’ve heard

I’ve been told/advised by some of the trusted, successful, more experienced WA members that having a website with mostly images and affiliate links will not rank well in Google. I do intend to write content, not just images, but- there WILL be more images than actual articles/writing in the end.

Should I drop It?

I am new at all of this, so I’m not sure if I picked the best niche for my first website. I would like to hear your opinions on whether or not it’s worth the long haul. I’m sure some of you out there have had similar struggles.

If not, that’s ok. I’ll move on to another niche. I still learned a lot making this site, and had fun too. If I end up making a new site, I will apply all that I’ve learned from my current site, and be sure to avoid any of the same mistakes or pitfalls.

I have no problem with starting over. I actually kinda look forward to it! Would be nice to have a fresh start with what knowledge I have already gained.

I am still extremely motivated, and determined, to make this work. I won’t let anything stop me.

I have a burning desire to make this happen- to be fully and completely self dependent. To have a successful, authority niche website that allows me to work from home and be my own boss and, enjoy life on my own terms.

This is just another bump in the road.

Thanks for reading,


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Here is my 2crnts got what it is worth. For my first 3 months I was here I was all over the place going thru the starter courses, that is when Bootcamp started ipand I jumped right onboard hot and heavy on this awesome training. It taught me how to promote WA and the reason this was a very good idea it made me think of how I can cover my cost here at WA. My cost of $47 plus pro Jaaxy was visiting me $66 so I told myself get just 3 premium sign ups and that would be $67.50 wala that was the ticket. Plus the training in Bootcamp is the best there is out here yo teach me how to create awesome content and way better web designing with everything Google is looking for. After I accomplished this it took a whole lot of pressure off of me so I can now put all of my attention on other projects that can create a lot more income.
Good luck and try it you might like it as much as I am reviewing all of the get rich quick schemes out here.

Hey Tommy,

Well it's always nice to hear that others started out the same as me!

Hmmm, ya know, that's a really, REALLY, good idea. I might just have to try this... But no, I will NEVER completely get rid of my current niche/website... I love it too much.

Thank you for the tips Tommy, much appreciated!


I did not get rid of mine either just put hem off until I got income coming in.

Yeah, good idea.

Hey Richie, I've seen your site and I love the work you put into it. Don't be discouraged by the feed back your getting... turn it in to positive. Not everyone will like our website or the work we put into it... but hey, if you enjoy doing what you do for sure it will reflect with your works and you never know you might hit the jockpot:)

I will tell a little story, when I try to open my business 15 years everyone were against it; my accountant, the bank, my instructor no one was on side but me. My accountant said your have only $30 on your account (which is true, I'm single with 2 kids and newly graduate). My instructor said "you need to have 5 years experience to work on your own" again it was true I had no experience , lastly...the bank said come back in 3 years. I told them I don't need you in 3 years. I was really disappointed and no one turn too, no family here except my kids.

I told myself you have to prove to these people they were wrong... and I did. 15 years later I'm still here standing and working with the same job I am passionate about.

Don't let anyone full you down...I wish you all the best...Nenita

Hey Nenita,

Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback, as well as taking the time to help me. I really appreciate it =)

You're right, all that matters is how I feel about my site and what potential it has, afterall, its my niche!

I am definitely going to keep with it!

Wow, that's a very amazing and inspiring story Nenita, thank you so much for sharing it with me :)

I won't let anyone pull me down, my dream will become a reality just like yours!


You're site header and colours are perfect for your niche Richie. I know that you've been questioning for some time, your niche and website. You are having doubts, but are they doubts of "hey I'm new and feeling a bit overwhelmed" or "I don't think I'm enjoying my niche topic as much as i thought I would"?

May I say this, if you really REALLY love your niche, then stick with it. Go over the training again if you want to. I go over bits and pieces of training all the time. If your gut instinct is telling you that you're not comfortable doing this niche or if you are getting to a place of dread over thinking about it, then it could be time to move on.

You are right you do need lots of pictures with your niche, but some words as you already know are necessary. Just a thought, how many sites are you going to be an affiliate for? There will be work in keeping up with them, as products,etc change. I see that you have a vision of where you want your site to be in the future, that of being a centre point with everything in it. How bad do you want this? Bad enough to push through the frustration and to know that it's going to take time to get it done, but that you will succeed regardless?

There is no shame if you don't want to pursue this niche and start over. Better now than later. Perhaps the answer may be to keep this website up and running and add to it slowly, but that is like a hobby niche. However, you could then start up another niche website. Then you have to ask yourself will I "upkeep" my psychedelic website? What products do you want to make your money from. Only you know what is in your heart and what your instincts are telling you.

Richie I know I've given you more questions, but I'm not trying to confuse you. Just make you look at things a little differently. I hope I've been somewhat of a help, but I'd say other members have given you other good advice too.

Hey Annie,

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my site and help me out, I reallt appreciate it!

I'm glad to hear you like the appearance of my site. Feels really good and reassuring to hear that :)

I definitely love my niche, and have an extreme passion for it, and am willing to do ANYTHING that will get it to where I envision it.

Yes, thank you for understanding that- my site defiently calls for many pictures. And I am planning on adding as much content as possible.

Hmm, I think as of now I am affiliated with at least 5, with a few more on the way, i never thought of it that way. May be a bit overwhelming, but my intention is to offer as much variety and choice as possible, that's why I have so many.

Yes, I do have a vision for my site, and I will do anything to make it a reality, not letting anything stand in my way. I will push through this and keep on with it, no matter how long it takes. I KNOW, that if my site becomes the vision i have of it, people will HAVE to notice it, it will HAVE to succeed.

Good pointers, if anything, I will definitely keep my current site while working on another, but I will never get rid of this site completely. I am going to focus 100% of my time and energy on this site, i know and can feel in my heart that if I keep with this site, it will be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Thank you so much Annie, you did more than just helped me. You gave me insights and inspiration to keep going, despite the difficulties that are in my way.

Nothing worth having has ever came easy, right?

I really appreciate it,


Go for it Richie! I'm really pleased for you that you sorted it out. We all go through what you have at some level/time, or another. Let us know how you get on with it, ok? :)

Yeah, its always good to hear I'm not the only one, lol.

For sure, definitely!

I'll keep you all posted, I owe it yo ya!


Hey Richie. I'm a fan... I love your work! Very cool. Also, I think you logo is awesome. I have not reviewed the entire site with regards to ease of use, etc... but its looks like a great idea. I would focus on writing... its your stuff so you need to brainstorm avenues with regards to content. You can do this as your creative already. Cool domain name. I wouldn't easily let this go....


I'm glad to hear you enjoy my site and the art! Feels good hearing that, very reasurring and motivating!

Thanks, I like the logo too!

Yeah, I'm working on adding as much content as possible. It's gonna be tough, but I know I can do it!

Thanks man, I thought the domain was pretty awesome too, lol



You are the one that has to develop your website, write the content for it. I am going against advice you got by saying if you find it difficult to add content, you may consider starting another website. I was surprised by the amount of writing that goes into a website, myself. I am glad I chose a niche that I find relatively easy to write about. You picked a cool domain name. I like it.

Hey there Gordi,

Yeah, you're right. I am going to stick with it, thanks for the encouragement!

And I'm glad you like the domain name, I think it's cool too!



don't take this too offensively but being a ADHDer those pics are

But have you thought about writing some descriptions? like for the art, write a little about the artist and such?

Lol, sorry :P

Yeah, I plan on writing short descriptions for every picture eventually. I have to add them all first though, I have a TON of affiliates and links to add.

I am in the same position, I have a niche I am passionate about, love it to bits, but it is turning into an expensive hobby. Well time consuming hobby anyway. If I am to have a hobby like that I have other things I would prefer to do. (not really niches at this time if you are wondering.)

Do I get a new niche or sort out the problems of the current one? Can they in fact be fixed?

You need to put a dollar amount on what you want from your site. How much do you want from it and how are you going to get it. How are you monetising your site?

If you want $100 a week is the way you are monetising going to work?

For example...( and my math might be a bit off )

You want $100 a week.
Your affiliate gives you x% which works out to say $2.50 per sale. ( you'd need to work out the average sale, do people buy more than one thing ? etc)
You need 40 sales a week to get your $100
At current percentage of say 10% of people who click on your affiliate link you need 400 to click on it
At say 10% of visitors click on an affiliate link you need 4000 visitors a week.

I think 10% may be a bit high too.

So can you do that with your niche?
Do you need more visitors?
Do you need a different way to monetise? Your own product seems the way to go when you can, but maybe a bit later on.

Lots of the big guns here have burnt their way through various niche sites and others have multiple sites they work on and put aside and come back to later etc etc.

I think you can make it work but the key is how much work is it going to be and could that time and effort be better spent on a different more profitable niche.

You're right, Josh - it's all about creating a business and making money. Never mind if you choose a niche that you know bugger all about - as long as it brings in the money! This is the conflict that I've been having ever since dipping my toe into the deep & murky whirlpool of IM. Should I be doing this, I often wonder....
:) george


And it's a hard call to make. What if I invest all this time and money and it doesn't t turn out the way I want it to?

I definitely need more visitors to make those numbers, that's for sure.

Thanks for the feedback Josh, nice to know I'm not alone.

G'day, Richie! Yes, you've picked an interesting and challenging niche, which is obviously your passion. The world of IM revolves around and around keywords and latent semantic indexing and hummingbirds and all that sort of stuff. Finding 27 different ways to say the same thing is how it often appears to me!

Your challenge or mission, should you accept it, is to brush up on your language skills and simply DESCRIBE all the intricate patterns and colours on your T-shirts, rather than just posting an image. Make your words create psychedelic images in their minds! You could put images in a special sealed section... People are supposed to like looking at pictures rather than reading a whole bunch or words. Maybe not so?

Seriously, as someone who enjoys the visual side of communication, I'd hate to see you shut down your site and move to another niche due to pressures of having to write more and more keyword rich content rather than present images of what you sell.

Answers? No, I don't have the right ones. I'm planning on setting up a photo gallery site. Right now, I'm working on my descriptions of landscapes, seascapes, flowers, people etc., so that Generalissimo Gugle can rank my pages highly, rather than my having to put up any of the images. Or have I well and truly lost the plot?

:) george

Hey there George,

Lol, couldn't have said it better myself!

Yes, I do intend on creating a general, cover-all post to put above a category of items, then to briefly describe each item separately.

Don't worry, I'm gonna keep at it. I'll give it my best.

Thanks for the feedback George, I always enjoy how you put a spin on things!

I may be incorrect, but I could swear that Kyle has said or written in either a blog post, training or in a video that a person can be successful with pretty much any niche. I would go with your gut and your passion. Now I keep my niches to myself from other IM'ers, but in the past I have asked for opinions and NO ONE liked my niches and I was discouraged from proceeding, but I went ahead with what I enjoy blogging about and what I love even if talking to people offline.

Needless to say, the people I sought opinions from were wrong. This was pre-WA, so it was no one here. Anyway, I DO have traffic and searches for my niches from other people JUST LIKE ME who are passionate about my niches. They are out there because the internet is a huge place.

Keep in mind that you do need actual content, especially for an authority site. This can mean blogging about your opinions or industry news or whatever. You do need content no matter what and of course having an image for each post is great because people love images. If you cannot come up with stuff to write, then I would choose something else. I could blog endlessly about my niche topics.

Hey there,

Ya know what? You're right.

I'm going to give it my best shot, despite what other people may think. I appreciate their opinions, and definitely take them into consideration, as well as respect their knowledge and experience, but quite honestly, they don't know my niche.

And like you said, there are other people out there just as passionate about my niche as me.

Thanks, I needed this.


You will attract YOUR people and over time will build traffic and authority. The money will follow. Affiliate programs for your niche wouldn't exist if there was no money to be made.

People always think you have to choose between profit or passion, but I think you can have both. I dropped more than one niche that I chose solely based on profit potential, but found that my interest in the topic was so lacking that it felt like a job that I hated. A real chore.

I realized that I could still make money with topics that I like either with affiliate programs or advertising or both in some cases. I have multiple niches, but this was pre-WA before I realized that I should have chosen my favorite and scaled up. Focus on one niche and see where it goes over the long haul.

Blogging ideas: Keep in mind I know nothing about this niche.

Your opinions on the art, clothing and the industry in general.
Set Google alerts for any industry news and blog about it. Events, gallery openings, artist appearances, artist interviews.

Blog about any cool items or specials/sales offered by the affiliate programs.
Blog about artists biographies, fun facts, history of the industry.
Blog about ALL your personal experiences and thoughts, post images of anything you personally own or wear and link to affiliate if applicable.
Blog about any related events you have gone to in the past and any in the future going forward.

Blogging can be and should be in your voice. It also can be informal and conversational, unlike traditional article writing. You don't need to win a Pulitzer prize. Just focus on building a nice authority site.

I'm fairly new myself . I like your site and I think it has a lot of potential. I do think now you just need to concentrate on writing some copy. Testimonials and reviews of your own maybe.

Thank you Tom, I really appreciate it.

Yes, I definitely am going to start working on adding content.

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