RANT! I Thought WA Didn't Come With Surprises?

Last Update: Nov 6, 2018

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When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I thought I knew WHAT I was getting into.

It was FREE to check out to see what this platform was about which was good.

It came with 2 free websites, that seemed pretty fair.

I knew what I would be paying... so NO surprises there.

They seemed to be transparent and what it said on the sales page is apparently what I got...

Well HERE is my RANT. They are not as TRANSPARENT as they make out.

Because what I have gotten here is WAAAAAYYYY more than I could ever imagine.

The community is awesome, the online friends I have made here are so cool.

The amount of training old and new - you just wont find it anywhere online.

The LIVE webinars Jay holds keep us up to date with what is happening, has us learn everything that can assist us making our websites the best they can be.

The LIVE chat for instant support and to have a nice social chat too...with people all over the world 24 hours a day!

Being able to use Jaaxy lite because it is incorporated for free...
(I use PRO... just more features and because I promote it)

And nobody told me that I would be engaging with the OWNERS in live chat or possibly in posts I shared. That my friends, does not happen daily in the network marketing world... or most places for that matter!

:))) LOL, just wanted to share the suprises I have had here that far outweigh the small price tag....

Which is PURE VALUE overload!

Look, I just wanted to share how I feel about this system and the tireless people that make it what it is... so I hoped you enjoyed my GOOD RANT...

So what SURPRISED you the most about this AWESOME Wealthy Affiliate platform???

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The best rant I ever read-made us all sit up and take notice

LOL Barbara, thanks for chiming in!

For a second there, I was wondering what or who pissed Sharon off?! LOL

Yes it's definitely WAY MORE than what we pay for here. :)

But sshhhhhh.....don't tell Kyle or Carson...

LOL, I wouldn't put up a blog post and air my distaste for something anyway, I would probably write to the person directly.

Yes definitely way more Grace. Blows me away really!

lol... yes very true!

Lol that’s Sharon’s fault. ;)

I know you wouldn’t! :) just a funny post!

Yes you know me Grace!
Glad you enjoyed it!

It really is an amazing place. You had me going to LOL!!!

I am glad I did!
And yes amazing is another way to describe WA!

LOL! You had me there for a minute. I cover a lot of government meetings in my day job and they are constantly talking about transparency!

I have been completely blown away by the owners, the community and the training here! It is great connecting with other like-minded people!

Best wishes and keep on "ranting"!
Karin :)

Transparency is key isn't it. We must know what we are getting into. Here they are more than transparent. They over deliver on everything and still keep going back to the drawing board to give us more.

I am always grateful for it and know it is just a great place to be!

Pretty cute, I was already to defend WA.

LOL! Me too, Scarlett!

lol. There is no way I would be here nearly 2 years and be ranting negatively about them.

Lovely to see such loyal members here!

Hi Sharon

I like you style. lol

I will be sharing this article because it is way to cool to keep it only here.

You are so right We do get waaaaaay more that you could ever imagine here at WA.


Hi Jennifer,
We sure do and glad you are sharing!

Yes all shared up.

Thank you for giving me something to share.


I like the way you wrote your post. Cool.

LOL, bit of a twist. See - a heading that peaks curiousity in something that could have gone either way.

Maybe I need to do more on my post titles...

Glad to hear your Wa exceeded your expectations. Totally agree :)

Yeah it sure has. Exceeded it and then some!!

It truly is amazing. I have been here a year and there is nothing like it.

Yeah it is amazing, nothing like it at all!

I must agree with you. The WA community is just awesome!... Which means, WE ARE AWESOME :)

Love it Victor!

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