I added an Amazon store to my website today.

Last Update: Sep 7, 2016


So after reading some very useful information from several affiliates I managed to add an Amazon store to my site. It did not take me as long as I thought it would and was actually pretty easy. I am all kinds of excited. Now to figure out how to get traffic to my site, that would be helpful. I just LOVE this place!

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Well done. If you are like me, you buy a lot of stuff from Amazon.. at your own site.

Can you do that? I thought you could not buy from yourself?

Congratulations Shary.

Congrats to you!

Congrats, you are moving forward:-)

Hi Shary, That's a good start. Should be in time for Christmas traffic. [Kelsey]

I just added a toys and games page today. Thanks for reminding me that that time is coming fast. s

Awesome news Shary. Just in time for the holiday rush

Congrats, you are doing great

Great job Shary

Good job Shary. Getting traffic doesn't change from what the training teaches. Write articles as discussed here:

Yay, well done :)

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