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Last Update: January 20, 2018

I need income fast, and I'm not alone - how about YOU?

Clearly, if we expect to build our affiliate business to pay us well for skills we learn here, that takes months, not days, but some of us need cash this week to keep warm and well fed while we learn and build. I'm one of those without a day job that pays me enough, so I need cash to power my WA journey.

Well, the good news is that WE are in Wealthy Affiliate, so there is lots of help available to support our business, even if that includes ways to get paid in a few days!

There is even training that covers 100 ways to make money online NOW by DaveSW, one of our awesome WA ambassadors:

This training is amazing, and I recommend it highly, but it covers a lot of territory, so don't expect to get through it in a few minutes. Take the time to explore the parts that apply best to your skills and situation. While there are countless thousands of money-making offers on the web, most of them are scams, so be very careful. Dave's options are REAL, but some will require different skills than you have, or a longer learning curve than you can support. If you are in a hurry, let's look at a shorter list.

In fact, I just published a post "4 Best ways to earn money online at home" that gives quick detailed advice on four safe, strong options most of us can use to get paid in days, rather than months. These are all mentioned in Dave's training, but this only takes 5 minutes for a detailed road map.

My blog site link is shown on my profile page, or just google it!

A search for " failsafe isolation " will bring it right up RIGHT NOW, before the post ranks!

(see how websites you build here get top google billing in a few months!).

Wealthy Affiliate is SO rewarding, AND it can help you get paid this week, so you have what you need to survive while you build your powerful affiliate business!

Enjoy your WA journey!


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MarkBa Premium
Thanks for passing on this very useful information Stephen. ~Mark
LouisaB Premium
Steve, I truly appreciate your consideration in brining this information forward.
Sftat Premium
Glad you find it helpful, Louisa. Let me know how it works for you, if you don't mind.
VeronicasLuv Premium
Thanks for sharing this, Steve.

There are some who feel that other training or "splinters" take away from teh Certification and Bootcamp, but in my opinion, they only enhance what we receive.

Just as 20 people can experience the same thing but describe it differently, we have the privilege of hearing different perspectives. I wouldn't have it any other way!
Sftat Premium
My pleasure, Veronica,
The fantastic thing about the WA community is that it provides a foundation of reliable guidance I can trust. Standing on that foundation, I feel I can be bold in pursuit of my objectives all across the web without constant fear. We are using the support and strength of this community even when we broaden our reach into other realms.
Thanks for your help and your vote of confidence in the different perspectives some of us need to realize our dream.
Defiant6 Premium
Thanks for sharing that! Very helpful!
MKearns Premium
Whatta deal. WA has so many ways!