Just do the training! Don't think so much...

Last Update: March 19, 2014

So when I got started with the standard training as well as the bootcamp I was so excited and ready to go. I assumed I would get everything I needed right up front and everything after that was just fine tuning. That was pretty much the case, but there was more fine tuning than I thought! Haha

I noticed I would complete a step and try to end up will a full extensive website after each step. I was almost too eager, I would take one solid step then try running, get hung up on something, get frustrated and get mad at myself because "I couldn't figure it out" then I would take a breather.

At some point after my frustration had subsided I would sit down and watch the next lesson in sequence and it would always seem to show me exactly what I was getting caught up on. Go figure, the next thing I needed just happened to be in the next lesson. Crazy right?!

So if I could pass on any advice, especially to people just getting started, is just do the training, build your website along with the training and let the learning come in the order it was designed, they have done a great job, trust me! If you are eager and just can't wait, then power through the training a bit faster (I know sometimes if I felt I had a grasp of the concepts I would do multiple trainings in one day) but don't try to get ahead of yourself because it will just cause frustration, taking your time and following the training will pay off in the long and short. It will be an easier process, a more productive process and you won't beat yourself up over noting!

*that last paragraph was a little too long! I guess I should go back and review bookcamp course 2 lesson 1 about content layout, haha.

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pcook410 Premium
Great advice, Robert! Those lessons are sequenced perfectly. Take them in order and apply them to your website, and you'll be up and running quickly. Jump around and try to get ahead of yourself, and you'll only slow yourself down. I speak from experience there! You are well on your way to success since you figured that out!

Gordi Premium
Right on the money, Pat
MLundrigan Premium
Last update is march 19th. and four likes already, it is an excellent post for me.
DNTL Premium
I have to say I have done something even more stupid than racing through... ;)

Course 1 - Lesson 4 is ''Build your OWN website'', the next one is Lesson 5 ''Setting up your website'', right? Well, this is where I went off on my own because of ''my'' understanding of the following sentence:

''At this stage of the course you should have your website created! Congratulations, this is a big accomplishment!''

That's how Course 1 - Lesson 5 starts and in my head, that meant my website had to be ''created'' as in ''FINISHED'' (or at least advanced)!

So I went back and figured some stuff on my own, until I wanted to ''start'' Lesson 5 and read below that famous sentence...oups!

I obviously wasted time too, but oh well, I had fun anyways! :)
SfRobert83 Premium
As long as we have fun, keep working and keep learning we are right on track!
MLundrigan Premium
In my opinion that last paragraph wasn't a bit too long. Your first paragraph drew me in right away and you kept my attention all the way through. Don't sell yourself short my friend.
SfRobert83 Premium
Thanks for the feedback, I was trying to inject a little humor but it looks like I got more out if it!
Trialynn Premium
This is excellent advice, if only people would follow it!