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Wordpress comment spam! So, I get the concept of wordpress comment spam, it happens and its part of life but for some reason the only comment spam I get are these crazy long posts in Russian. Is it something about my site name, content, or what? Do other people get crazy spam comments in different languages? I would assume they do this because spam filters can't recognize the characters and therefore don't catch it, but why Russian? I guess I'm just curious and wondering if there is something I
Well, It has been about two weeks since I have really been on WA, reading blogs, working through my courses, keeping up with things in general, and unfortunately not much progress was made on my websites either. I can say it was a nice break, I was doing some traveling, attended a convention spent time with friends and family and was able to dive into one of my newer hobbies so I enjoyed myself and in the end there was some serious benefit! So when I am on WA daily and checking in and well imme
So a few days ago I went crazy, not too crazy, but I went hunting for relevant stock images to incorporate into my pages to break up text content and give some eye appeal. I can't begin to tell you how much happier I was with the pages and how excited I was getting. Then I sat in on the photoshop webinar and learned about making your own images and banners to make them unique, page and content specific and add your personal touch to your work and really make everything from content to images to
So I followed the instructions and training and set up my google notifications and for the last few days I have been seeing this site come up called "Healthy Wealthy Affiliate" so I've been looking around and initially assumed he was one of our community members. After further looking it seems like it is a similar program, or maybe a copycat system, I'm not fir sure but I might sign up and check it out. I just wanted to see if anyone here has any experience with it. Who knows, it may be the nex
So when I got started with the standard training as well as the bootcamp I was so excited and ready to go. I assumed I would get everything I needed right up front and everything after that was just fine tuning. That was pretty much the case, but there was more fine tuning than I thought! Haha I noticed I would complete a step and try to end up will a full extensive website after each step. I was almost too eager, I would take one solid step then try running, get hung up on something, get frust
Im pretty new to the web building and design aspect, I don't know much about traffic (except that I need it, haha) and I'm still working my way through bootcamp but as I start to build out my site Im noticing that many of my pages will reference a comment or an idea that I covered throughly on another page so I will add a link like (More on Passive Income) With one or two of these on each page it seems like having everything related and keeping a person jumping around on your site will get you
So I love the networking and the community that is such a huge part of WA and it's a great resource to tap into. It's almost like being back at work and having co-workers and colleagues but not having to be "back at work" thank goodness! II don't see any specific place on profiles where people talk about their location and some mention it and some don't but I think it would be great to meet some if you awesome people in person. Maybe set up a regular meet up to network and chat about whats wor
March 11, 2014
Wondering if anyone knows about or has used email lists to promote their WA promotion website. IT seems like a great way to reach a mass audience but how do you target specific emails, how do you avoid ended up in spam, etc? Just curious about the specifics and the cost involved in taking such routes. Is ill be looking into it and if I have any success I may offer up some training type info if possible. Or it may be on here already! Haha