What does everyone do for a living and has it made you happy?

Last Update: October 05, 2014

I would to hear some of your responses?

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ChristinaR01 Premium
I was an independent insurance agent for 7 years and really enjoyed it. My bosses on the other hand, I did not love as much. I still have my license and may do it again in the future. I currently work at home for my husband's business which is great but I do not make near what I made as an agent.
CarlaIves Premium
I've been many things, Sasha. I was a teacher and was happy until they started changing a lot of the rules. That took care of that. I still tutor a few kids. I worked as a makeup artist for awhile. I liked that, but the store ownership changed and it was no longer all that good. I've been a legal transcriber part-time for the past 20+ years. It pays the bills. I've been a writer and editor for a long time, too. THAT makes me happy but it doesn't pay well. So. . . . hoping to put all this varied experience together from my long life into affiliate marketing and have ONE job that pays the bills instead of three.
Loes Premium
What makes you happy working is to do if it is your own business and put your love in the work you do. So what have I been up to, I have worked for years as a cleaningwoman (cleaned a lot of WC's, really a lot, about 30 a week for over 5 years!), worked in catering, have been a saleswoman and a farmerswife, now I am running a childrens daycare, and every job has made me happy, because I did it with love and attention, Loes
SoSaphi Premium
I have worked in social services, which I loved my clients and not the political that comes with it. The problem for me is also what I love doing does not pay well which is fine but if I can't pay my bills or do simple maintenance on the car something has to change. What do you do for a living?
stopscamming Premium
I have a full time job and it doesn't make me happy because I want to work at my own time and do something that I really enjoy doing.