Finding the right nichie that gets you up at six every morning.

Last Update: October 13, 2014

I feel good, I feel like i found the right thing to get me up and working all the time. I'll be at work just thinking about what I'll be doing when I get home. I woke up today with a plan and I'm feeling good about the goals I made this week.

*focus on brand

*finish part 4 and 5

*re-edit articles on there

*set up google ad-sense

*keyword hack for more traffic

*produce more content on Facebook page

*reach out to more entrepreneurs

*buy a webcam

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JadeLovane Premium
Best wishes to you Sasha! That kind of motivation is bliss, and you are living it!
CarlaIves Premium
Big menu on that to-do list, Sasha! Wishing you all the best in getting it done!
CathyS Premium
Writing it down seems to make a big difference in exactly how much (and how quickly) I get things done. You've got a good plan here ... you should do great because you are so focused. God Bless! ~Cathy
Norleila Premium
Looked like everything is nicely geared up. All the best Sasha.
Keep the spirit high !
kholmes Premium
Sounds like a plan. Good luck! :)