Using Images You Find Online Can Lead to a Lawsuit. Even For a Small Blog Like Yours.

Last Update: Dec 24, 2014


Yeah, I know, it's crazy!

Seriously - what do they care if your little blog with its traffic by mistake hosts an image that you randomly found online and added to your post without getting the licensing?

I guess if they can milk you for all its worth, then they will! They don't really care that you're not making a penny off of it. Oh, well.

I just finished reading this post on Laura Roeder's site and found it really helpful (in addition to the great info that can be found at WA) and figured I'd share it so y'all can benefit too.

Hope you find it helpful!



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Good reminder Stephanie. When I started this was one of my big questions - where do I get images from that don't have copyright over them and that I can use without being sued. Fortunately I found help within this community that allowed me to get nice images for free. Thanks for you link too - there is at least one more source I can add to my list. Seasons greetings. Glyn

My pleasure! Happy to help :)
I actually got so scared off that I just decided to pay for them. I currently use Dreamstime. For now I only use the ones that cost me $1, but I think I will look into these free sites a bit more...

Thanks for sharing!

Sure :)

Good advice, how is your student loan site doing, you made a nice introductory video there.
happy holidays

Happy to be of service ;)

It's actually just an authority site giving fellow students ideas and tips on how to make money online.
I've been stuck with trying to figure out what type of content I want to write about, but over the last few days I've been completely restructuring my site (in plan so far) and I'm exciting to start implementing it. Check back in a couple weeks and see what I mean!

How are things going for you?

hope you a great 2015 beginning.

Thank you! You too!

Great article. I thought I might have had it all covered. Wrong! Complicated issue and very important.

Lol! Yeah, we keep learning new things every day! Love this place :)

That is a great article. Thank you for the resource!

Happy to be of service :)

Stephanie, good input, David

Thanks, David!

Thanks for the link Stephanie.

My pleasure :)

Thanks for sharing that helpful website. It has some excellent tips! This has been a topic of discussion many times here on WA forums.

Yeah, I think I've been through all the ones here ;) and still found something new tonight!

Thank you for the heads up Stephanie:)


Thanks for the reminder. When I first started my site I didn't think much about this stuff. I better look through everything again to make sure :)

Yeah, same here. Going to go back and make sure my sites don't have any - even the ones I no longer use...

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