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Last Update: February 10, 2014

Today I started with one of my main products to facilitate my clients,and more business to me. If you think that PayPal is only for eBay sales, then you are missing a great opportunity to earn more from your site. If you are not yet selling products of their site, adding buttons (Buy Now) or purchase PayPal is the easiest way to convert a site into a marketing e-commerce site.

If you are already accepting credit card payments, then offering PayPal as an additional payment your customer base expands, because people do not want to use a credit card can still make purchases.

In order to sell and accept credit cards online, you typically need to work with a company credit card processing or bank. The function of the processor is to validate credit card the buyer at the time of purchase. Credit card processors help prevent fraud by checking if the buyer's credit card is valid, and blocking IP addresses, email addresses or names of purchasers of known issues. In addition, the processor can block a user sends the payment through your credit limit.

I received a lot of peace of mind when working with a processor, but the application process can be a pain. To work with a credit card processor, you spend a lot of time and resources before selling your first item.

It also allows me to accept secure payments, including credit card purchases, but the application process is as easy as providing your country, name, address, phone number and email address and accept PayPal Use Agreement. You may decide to open an ecommerce store in the morning and start accepting payments in the afternoon.

If you accept PayPal payments, you can set up your Payment Receiving Preferences to block certain types of buyers. You may decide not to sell internationally or to block purchases by buyers who have not confirmed your address. This adds another layer of protection for you as the seller. Additionally, you can choose to accept payments only if performed in a specific currency, and can block buyers trying to purchase with a credit card when you have a bank account linked to your credit.

Adding PayPal buttons to an e-commerce website that costs nothing - if you do not sell anything, you do not pay. When you sell an item, you pay $ 0.30 per transaction plus 2.9 percent of the sales price. The percentage may drop to 1.9 percent, depending on your monthly sales volume.

Compare this with the facility to encrypt PayPal buttons! When you create a button with the Button Factory, all you have to do is click the Yes option for your button code encryption. When copying the encrypted page to your Web site code, the curious will not be able to see any customized information to view the source code of your site.

You have the option to set up recurring payments, in which the buyer pays the specified amount, every month, without end. You can also set payment fees, for example, you can charge the buyer $ 20 for five installments for the purchase of a $ 100 product.

When PayPal is used for e-commerce transactions, you can use the tools of history PayPal information to download and analyze the details on every sale made. You have the option to include cart details in the report. You can also do an advanced search for transactions related to a email address, transaction ID, the name of the purchaser, identification of receipt or item number. You can import the downloaded file into Excel, Quicken or QuickBooks for monitoring and further analysis file.

If you accept PayPal payments on your Web site, you can enroll in their online store PayPal Shops, a directory of Web sites that accept PayPal. After registering, users can search PayPal products and services you sell. There is no cost to list your site with PayPal Shops, but you do need to have a Premier or Business PayPal account.

So today I think I've started a new stage in my business and now totally free.

Have a nice day and a great success!

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I to think paypal is a good choice for payment method , and the extra's they offer
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Excellent post!

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