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Hi there,my name is Lydia,I'm from South Africa & have just joined .After being taken for ride after ride by so called reputable Internet Marketing





Is it necessary to add a sitemap?

Is it necessary to add a sitemap?

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Search Engine Optimization

In the training here, Kyle says that the sitemap is included in the All In One SEO Pack. I've read quite a few posts of late where some maintain that it's necessary to install the

YES! sitemap is very important you should do it for sure!

As people have already mentioned a site map is important - but the site map also helps Google's spiders to crawl pages that it would not other wise crawl during it's regular indexing of your site.

So with a site map all your pages of your site get crawled. Thus helping with your sites ranking an authority index.

Thanks Leo. I realize that it's important too have, my confusion stemmed from the fact that knowing the sitemap is part of AIO, and yet people were posting here that you should add an external one.

At least with all the responses that I've received I now know that is not necessary.


Hello Lydia,

The sitemap is very important for Google and the other search engines, the All In One SEO Pack has been the SEO pack of choice up till now however I read such rave reviews on the Yoast SEO pack that I decided to give it a go and I must say that I am pleased with it.

Check out this:


I hope that this turns out to be useful to you.

Alles van die best vir jou en jou familie,


Thanks for the info Miguel! I've also heard good reviews about Yoast, thanks for the link, I'll definitely check it out.


PS. Lekker dag vir julle ook. Waarvandaan is jy? Ons bly in Underberg, KZN. Lekker koud!

Ja Lydia,

Die Underberg kan baaie koud wees,
spesiaal in die winter.

Ons is amper in die somer hier.

Ek woon in Lissabon, Portugal

Alles van die best vir jou en jou familie,


I was under the impression you did not need do a sitemap it gets done automatically, not sure how you submit it to google webmaster tool

I haven't submitted to Webmaster myself yet, Katie. I'm going to check out the link above that Miguel gave me and then submit. Will let you know how it went. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my question.


You do not need a plugin you can add a site map easily to web master tools it only takes 2 mins giving Google a site map to help crawl your site really does help Google rank your site
every little helps


I appreciate your response Barry, thank you. You're right, anything to improve the rankings. Lydia.

With the AIO SEO you have to enable the site map in the feature manager, then update the sitemap in the sitemap section under AIO SEO, it sounds complicated but not. You may have to use webmaster tools to submit the sitemap after that. But yes you should see an improvement on site performance etc.

Thanks a lot Craig!

The new all in one SEO has one installed already and is very simple to use. But you can install the plugin if you want just do not have both of them up at the same time. To use the one installed already go to your dashboard on your site on the menu yo your left onward the top you will see all in one SEO click on that and then go to sitemap tab it has easy to follow instructions. Good luck

Thanks for that Tommy!

AIO does contain a sitemap, the addition of another sitemap is not necessary. I'm not sure which pluging you are referring to, but if you have AIO, then no extra plugin is needed and can conflict with the one you already have in AIO.

Thanks Terea, I do have AIO. Lydia.

Just make sure, if you use an outside XML sitemap, make sure your AIO sitemap is disabled.

I second that.

I have seen much better results since I added the plugin.

Thanks James, with results, do you mean more traffic to your site?

I felt like my overall rankings did better once I put the site map in and thus my traffic also started to climb.

I use the Plugin: Google XML Sitemaps - Version 4.0.6 | By Arne Brachhold

Anything to help towards more traffic! BTW, I like your new look!

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What is the significance of facebook bots crawling my site?

What is the significance of facebook bots crawling my site?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

I am well acquainted with why Google bots crawl my site, but I have noticed quite a lot of facebook bots visiting lately. Can anyone tell me if it is of importance or not.

Face book and Bing have joined forces you can see Bing search results on face book so it is probably that
The more bots that crawl you page the better in my opinion


Thanks for that Barry, I had no idea. Some days there's actually quite a lot of fb bots around, very interesting! Lydia.

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How do i pin wa posts and banners to pinterest?

How do i pin wa posts and banners to pinterest?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

This seems like such a stupid question, but then again, I have learnt here at WA that such a thing does not exist! I know very well how to pin something to one of my boards usin

Thank you all for the answers. Cheers

good question and see you have some advice hope it gives you the insight needed I will check out mackiejw link to wish you success with it

It's a fantastic training link Katie!

Thank you very much John! I've also just added a pinit icon to my taskbar as Shawn suggested. I'm learning so many new things all the time!


The way I would do it is make the pins appropriate if your pinning about dog posts Don't Pin Gold fish photo's if it's WA your promoting then I would choose photo's that resemble Online Courses do a bing or google search on Online Courses make sure photo's are in HD No one wants to look at a PANT'S photo that's not Pixel polished

Thanks for the advice! I hate anything that even smells spammy!

I feel its NOT very wise to over do it on social networks if you post to many posts with WA affiliate links they start to get VERY Shitty

They have the button available for your task bar if you use chrome. This is how I pin everything from any source.

Hope that helps :)


I'm a little lost here Shawn! I use chrome, do you mean pinit has a button available for my taskbar? How do I add it, from the pinit site?

Here you go, pin away :)


Thanks a stack Shawn! It's done, I had no idea that their are so many apps available!

LOL< yep, there are a few. :)

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